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Casey, Hannah and Julianna

No description

lib hist

on 11 September 2015

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Transcript of Casey, Hannah and Julianna

Ernest E Evans
Commander, WWII
Robert, "Bobbie" E Brown
Commander, WWII
Audie Murphey
Soldier, WWII
Leroy Petry
Soldier, Operation Enduring Freedom
Petry was a soldier in the US Army, during war, he was shot in both legs and continued to fight. While fighting, a grenade was thrown at him and two other soldiers, he grabbed it to throw it away, and severely wounded his hand while saving the soldier's lives. Petry saved two rangers with his selfless act. Still he stood up and kept leading people and fighting despite the painful wounds he had endured. Petry had to get a prosthetic arm and on the arm has all the names of the fallen troops from the 75th Regiment.
How are they alike?
They all fought for the country
They showed all of the characteristics to receive the Medal of Honor
They are good role models
They are patriots
Mary Edwards Walker
Surgeon, Civil War
Casey, Hannah and Julianna
Medal of honor recipients
Evans was in the Navy, as commander of the USS Johnston, a small destroyer. On the 25th of October, he led his fleet into a Japanese fleet, which was much larger than his. No matter what happened to the Johnston, he never turned back until all weapons were fired, even the flares. Eventually they held them back, but the IJN surrounded them and sunk the ship. Evans was not among the survivors, and was considered MIA and declared dead.
Brown was the commander of Company C in the US Army. His company was attacking on Crucifix Hill, when he ran towards several pillboxes and destroyed them. He was injured on several of these accounts, but refused treatment. Later, he went on a self mission to obtain information from the enemy, which helped to destroy opposing guns and throw strong counter attacks. He was injured during this as well, and only accepted help afterwards.
Audie Murphey is one of the most decorated soldiers, with 33 US military medals, including 3 Purple Hearts, and the Medal of Honor. He led his men into battle, and killed many Germans in rage when his friend was lured and shot. He originally joind the army because of his mother, and showed great honor.
Walker has been the only woman so far that has received the Medal of Honor. She was a spy and sacrificed herself to heal wounded citizens, and later was arrested as a spy because she went over the border, helping others. Edwards was also the first US Army surgeon, that was a woman. She was in the army even though the pay wasn't very high.
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