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Women's Rights in 1950's

English 1 project

Ryasia Deshields

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Women's Rights in 1950's

By: Ry'Asia Deshields The lifestyle of the American Woman in the 1950's Women were expected to fulfill three roles such as a caring mother, a diligent homemaker, and an obedient wife. The caring mother role consisted of the mother staying home to nurture so society would accept them.

The diligent homemaker role consisted of the housewife having dinner on the table precisely at the moment her husband arrived from work. The obedient wife role was only acceptableif she carried out her husband's every order and agreed with him on everything. The housewife could not even voice her opinions if they went against her husband's personal opinion. The media in the 1950's was very stereotypical. The American High School Home Economics textbook at this time included text and essay's that taught young women " How to be a wife ".
The main character of the most popular show at the time, I Love Lucy, displayed a woman as the stereotypical woman-in-distress, who always needed her husband, the man, to help her out. A diligent homemaker not only kept the house clean but she cooked dinner, did laundry and ran all of the errands.

She had to have dinner ready and prepare herself before her husband arrived. She had to touch up her makeup, put a ribbon in her hair, and look fresh. Because her husband has probably had a long and busy day at work, the housewife was required to look happy and interesting at all times. She had to make sure the eating area was clean. Women did anything to please their man because their life depended on them so much. Mothers of the 1950's were required to do all necessary things for her children. They had to make them breakfast all the time, and it was not basic breakfast, like froot loops or cheerios. These daily meals consisted of stacks ofpancakes, piles of eggs, and platefuls of bacon and patties, all topped with a pound of syrup. She had to also wash their face and hands daily, and keep their hair brushed and done.

DO: Speak in a low, soft, soothing and pleasant voice.
DON'T: Don't greet him with problems or complaints
DO: Let him talk first. Make the evening his

DON'T: complain if he does not take you out to dinner or other pleasant entertainments Roles How the media
was involved Required activities for Motherhood
How to be a diligent
homemaker in the 1950's Do's & Don'ts of the 1950 American housewife In the 1950's, the fact that a woman was even attending a college was unordinary. Most women married straight after high school and fell into the roles I listed previously right away. The brave women that chose to further their education were not taught mathematics and science, but home economics and cooking. Women did not join the conversations, they just stood near the men with platters of heure d'heurves ( small appetizers ) . Men feared intelligent women because of their tendency to "think" for themselves and disagree with their man. The Struggle...
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