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Technology Timelines

No description

Samuel quin

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of Technology Timelines

The first photographic cameras date back to ancient China.
But the first official camera was invented by Alexander Wolcott.
His camera was created and patented on May 8th, 1840.
this invention helps us now because it can reach deep into our memories.
this invention led to more advanced cameras like the video camera.
Technology Timelines
Who would have thought that the legendary swivel chair was invented by the one and only Thomas Jefferson!
Of course the swivel chair made by T.J. was REALLY different...
It helps people move around offices without needing to walk around.
by Samuel Quinutolo, Gianni Vivas, & Patrick O'Shea
The Conestoga Wagon
The conestoga wagon was a wagon used by pioneers in the mid- to late 1800's.
It was horse-drawn, and was covered in tightly wound canvas.

The Conestoga wagon was invented
by early german settlers...
... just like their AMAZING cars!
fun fact

thomas jefferson
was a very good inventor and we mistake him sometimes for thomas edison
This also helped for candid photos to be taken without fading out in time.
This was a big jump in history for the science and technology community.
The Airplane

the airplane was invented on December 17, 1903
Also, that was the day when Wilbur and Orville Wright flew in the very first airplane
Their flight was succesful!

The airplane lets people get
places across the world in hours.

The Keyboard
Created February 17, 1890. To this day,it is used to make
music. To clarify, we are talking about this key board...
This one...
The first key board was invented in 1811.
it was not very similar to the music key
boards today but it was along the lines.

now look at this pic
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