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iPad FAQ

iPad Tips and Tricks

Steven Bishop

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of iPad FAQ

Application Management Application management iPad FAQ Jan 2013 Restrictions Multitask swipes Connectivity Web Browsing Finding Help www.apple.com/support/ipad Questions Agenda Productivity Tips Best Practices
Common Applications and Settings
Productivity tips
Application Management
Q and A Restarting your iPad Hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button Outline Best Practices
Applications and Settings
Application Management
Q and A
Finding Help Applications and Settings Web browsing
Mail, Calendars, Notes Recommendation Auto-Lock

Passcode Lock

iPad Cover Lock/Unlock Securing your device Connect to Secure Wireless Networks

Lock icon indicate a secure network Mail Accounts, Calendars, Notes Safari, Chrome(App Store) Skype, Twitter and Facebook Available on the AppStore Application Management Camera Easily send photos to friends via email, Facebook, twitter FaceTime Video chat between
Apple devices iBooks Electronic books
Store Pdf's Settings Ideal for shared devices and parental control Sounds Ring Tones and Alerts Multitasking Gestures Cut and Paste Webpage Find/Search Screen Shots Power button + Home button Connecting to your iPhone as a Wireless hotspot iPhone Network iPad Network Config Organizing Icons Removing applications Application categories Safari, Top Search bar, use find in page
Chrome, Chrome menu-Find in Page Hold one finger over text, select Copy from popup menu 5 finger pinch (At least 4 finger) to get to home screen4 finger swipe up to reveal Multitasking bar4 finger swipe left/right to change apps2 finger zoom in and out, Show Safari/Chrome Applications Organizing App Icons Remove an App (Uninstall) Close App(s) already which are already open Hold icon Hold icon and click X Double click home button
Hold one finger on desired App
Click red minus sign Drag to desired location 6th App Icon in the Dock Organize Apps into Folders Dropping an App icon on top of another icon Company sensitive information not be stored in the cloud
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