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Section 2: Revelation

Part 1: The God-Human Relationship

Mr. L

on 16 March 2018

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Transcript of Section 2: Revelation

Section 2: Revelation
God's Plan
The Room Analogy
Salvation History
You can tell a lot about a person by looking at the effects they pro-duce in the world.
Knowing God Exists
Revelation makes it possible for us to fulfill God's plan for our lives!
God created a perfect world. However, human beings used their freedom to commit evil acts. Moral evils exist because people abused their freedom.
The mystery of Christ's suffering, death, and resurrection - the Paschal Mystery - shows us that evil will not have the last word.
In part 1, we will learn about Revelation, the gift whereby God makes Himself known to us.
Part 1: The God-Human Relationship
What could you tell about this person based on his or her room?
Revelation is God's gradual self-disclosure to us. Through words and actions, God makes Himself and His plan known to us.
Revelation is also a gift by which God freely shares Himself with us.
God's revelation has slowly unfolded throughout salvation history.
"Salvation history" refers to the events in human history that reveal the saving presence and actions of God.
Old & New
The written record of salvation history is contained in the Old and New Testaments.
Old Testament
In the Old Testament, God reached out to our ancestors in the faith like Abraham and Moses. He also spoke through the prophets.
New Testament
In the New Testament, God fully and completely reveals Himself through His only begotten Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.
Due to our limited under-standing, even with the gift of Revelation, we cannot fully comprehend God in this life.
Knowing God
To live in communion with Him, and love as He loves.
What is God's plan?
Made for God
We were made to be in communion with God. Human beings are religious by nature.
In fact, every culture throughout history has sought after the Divine.
The "call" to fulfill one's purpose in life is known as a "vocation."
Revelation makes it easier for us to seek and reach God. The Incarnation is the ultimate work of Divine revelation.
God continues sharing His life with us through the Sacraments.
Although it might be hard to believe in something we can't see, God has given us four sources that can assure us of His existence.
Human Reason
Sacred Scripture
Inspired by the Holy Spirit, Sacred Scripture is a reliable source that assures us of God's presence.
Natural reasoning on its own can help assure us that God exists.
Other Believers
St. Thomas Aquinas
St. Thomas Aquinas identified
the "Five Ways" of proving God's existence.
First Way: Motion
Things around us move, or change. Since nothing moves itself, it must be moved by another. The chain of movers can't go on forever, so there must be a First Mover.
This is God.
Second Way: Cause
Things around us are the effects of causes. Since nothing causes itself, it must be caused by another. The chain of causes can't go on forever, so there must be a First Cause.
This is God.
Third Way: Possibility
Things around us are possible (they can either be or not be). Since possible things don't always exist, there must be Something Necessary that gives them existence.
This is God.
Fourth Way:
Things around us have greater or lesser degrees of perfection. Perfections only make sense if we measure them by an Absolute Standard.
This is God.
Fifth Way:
Things around us act toward goals. Since unintelligent things can't act toward goals unless they're designed to, there must be an Intelligent Designer.
This is God.
The lives and testimonies of the saints can assure us of God's existence.
Conscience is a judgment about the rightness or wrong-ness of a given action. When exercising conscience, we discover a law written on
our hearts by God.
The Problem of Evil
How can God exist when there is so much evil in the world? Attempts at answering the problem of evil are known as theodicies.
There are four parts to the Catholic Church's theodicy.
Free will is the soul's capacity to choose between good and evil.
Since Christ's suffering redeemed, or saved humanity, and we are united to Him, our own suffering can also be redemptive.
Try "offering up" your sufferings to God!
Paschal Mystery
As Catholics, we have hope that good will ultimately triumph over evil.
The Big Picture
We have to remember that we do not see the big picture. Faith involves trusting that God permits evil in order to bring about greater good.
Part Review
Please answer the part review questions on p 56. Your answers must be typed and printed.
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