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Golden Girl

No description

Katarina Feraco

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Golden Girl

Golden Girl
Types of Conflict
Man vs. Man, Donna attempts to steal Anna's popularity and boyfriend by trying to humiliate her in front of the whole school. She tries to make herself look better than Anna to boost her popularity status.
ANNA: is "Miss Perfect". Anna has long blond curls and big brown eyes. She is the most popular girl in school and everybody loves her. Her dad is rich so she is used to getting whatever she wants.
Figures of speech
Similie: (P.g. 83) "Anna had bagged some seats right in front and stared at him like a kid looking at an ice cream cake."

Personification: (P.g. 81) " Her face was bright red, and for the first few words her voice was shaky, but she got it together."

Foreshadowing: (P.g. 82) Anna stopped dead and turned to Michael. " Thats what you think." "you just wait and see."

Setting and Mood
The setting of the story mostly takes place at Donna and Anna's high school. The story has a fake sense to it because everyone in the story is pretending to be someone they are not. The characters have very stereotipical personalities.
by: Gillian Chan
Plot Diagram
A new student teacher, Mr. McCallum, comes into their class and Anna instantly falls for him.
Donna likes Michael, Anna's boyfriend, so she tells Anna that Mr. McCallum likes her. Anna starts to flirt with him inside and outside of class.
Anna asks Mr. McCallum to slow dance with her in front of the entire school.
Challenging words
: Feeling, showing, or expressing sympathy
: An earthenware pot or jar.
: Flow out in a rapid and plentiful steam, often suddenly
: Retaining a slightly sticky feel; not fully dry.
Golden Girl is a fictional short story.
Anna writes a note for Mr. McCallum professing her love for him and asking him to meet her at a coffee shop over the weekend.
Mr. McCallum doesn't show up to Anna's date and she was left heartbroken.
Donna tries to break up Anna and Michael by showing him the note but Michael rejects her and defends Anna instead.
Everything is back to normal. Anna is still considered the most popular and Donna just follows behind, staying in her shadow.
Don't put other people down just to make yourself look better.
Donna and Anna are "best friends". Donna has always been jealous of Anna because she wants to be popular and Anna consistently gets what she wants.
Interesting excerpt
Liam was playing a fast number. Anna looked up at him and suddenly the CD stuck. With hardly a pause, Liam had his second player going. His voice came over the loudspeaker. "Sorry about that. But never fear, Liam's here. Let's slow the tempo down a bit, get into the romantic mood." He reached for a switch and dimmed the lights.
In the gloom, Anna threw her arms around McCallum's neck and pressed herself against him. His back was rigid and his hands on Anna's waist seemed less holding her than trying to push her away. Even in the dark, they were the centre of attention.
DONNA: is the jealous best friend. She wants to be popular and have the perfect life. she only does things to help herself, and no one else. She is the type of person who only pretends to like her friends just so she can be popular.
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