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Phil Robertson Duck Dynasty

ITs purrr cool

Chandler McDowell

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Phil Robertson Duck Dynasty

Phil Robertson Works Cited Entrepreneur and a Star on Duck Dynasty Directly Out of College In 1995, Phil's son Willie used his college education to turn Duck Commander into a large Corporation. Phil Robertson on the Big Move: "I never expected my small-town company to get this big, but I owe it all to Willie." The Next Step 5 Million Dollars Today's Net Worth google images
duckcommander.com Quick Facts Born: April 24, 1946
Has lived in Louisiana all his life
Has a great beard
He has a lot of traditional values
Very Religious Man and often will travel for months and talk about his faith Attended Louisiana Tech University where he got a degree
in education while also playing football. For two years, he started over Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw. He then decided that he was not happy with playing football for a living so he did not play his senior season and graduated early. His comment towards this was "Terry went for the Bucks, and I went for the Ducks." College Era Phil would then spend several years teaching Physical Education and other basic topics. His students claim that he was an excellent teacher. After teaching for so many years, Phil came to a conclusion that his talents would be better spent in the woods so after eight years of teaching, he retired. After His Teaching Career By this time he had a wife, Miss Kay, and four boys: Alan, Jase, Willie, and Jeptha. With them, he began his quest to turn his passion for hunting and fishing into a livelihood. Duck Commander Phil was never satisfied with the duck calls on the market so he started to experiment to make a duck call that sounded exactly like a duck. In 1972, the first Duck Call was created and Phil received a patent for his Duck call and in 1973 the Duck Commander Corporation was born. Today Today Phil lives with his wife Kay in Louisiana and is retired. He stars on the show Duck Dynasty with his children. He would say that with Miss Kay's Cooking and the relaxing lifestyle he now has, he is very happy happy happy. Hard Times Phil's home became his factory as he and his family would work together and build duck calls in the family living room. There, they would be assembled, packaged, and shipped. Phil would then travel from store to store with his invention, but he got nothing but rejections. In about 1978, the Duck Calls finally started to take off and Phil Robertson's invention was starting to become a success. Duck Dynasty After starting the corporation, Phil took a step back and let Willie handle all the work as he would hunt and fish. The corporation really took off in 1997 and that's when Phil decided to retire and turn the business over to his son Willie. In 2010, the Company started a reality TV show called Duck Dynasty and it captures the crazy activities that the Robertson Family does.
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