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Copy of Social Learning Theory

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ricah may pagunsan

on 23 March 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Social Learning Theory

Social Learning Theory
If behaviour is learned, does that mean that we can learn to steal, cheat, and commit other crimes just like we learn to read, write, multiply, and divide?
Where does the socialization process occur?
Major determinant during childhood
Deviant behaviour learned through inconsistent discipline, poor supervision, and lack of support
Social Learning Theory is a branch of social process theories. Social learning theorists believe that through the process of socialization during human development, each individual either learns conforming or deviant behaviours.

(Siegel, Brown, & Hoffman, 2013, p. 139).
Major determinant during adolescence
Youths who are in with the "wrong crowd" prove to be more susceptible to criminal behaviour
(Siegel, et. al., 2013, p. 136-137).
The Process of Social Learning:
1. Imitation
Occurs through observation and mimicking
(Akers, 2002, p. 36).
The Process of Social Learning:
2. Definitions
Through the process of imitation, an individual defines behaviour as favourable or unfavourable.
(Siegel, et al., 2013, p. 140).
The Process of Social Learning:
3. Differential Association
Occurs when an individual values more definitions favouring crime than conventional behaviour
The Process of Social Learning:
4. Differential Reinforcement
The rewards and punishment that maintain differential association
(Siegel, et al., 2013, p. 139-140).
The Effect of Violent Video Games on Adolescent Aggression, Case Study
Mass media
Learned responses and behaviours are stored in an individual's memory and known as cognitive scripts
(Kitaeff, 2011, p. 45).
(Colbum, 2011, p. 111).
o How did the first “teacher” learn criminal attitudes and definitions in order to pass it on
o Ignores the spontaneous and impulsive acts of violence and delinquency
(Siegel, et al., 2013, p. 141).
Violence is portrayed in a more positive light and something that is entertaining and acceptable.
People never seem to face legal consequences for their actions.
Criminal Definition's Origin
Assumes that criminal and delinquent acts are rational and systematic
Akers, R.L. (2002). A social learning theory of crime. In S. Cote (Ed.), Criminological theories: Bridging the past to the future. Thousand Oaks, California: Sage Publications.

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Siegel, L. J., Brown, G. P., & Hoffman, R. (2013). Crim (2nd Canadian ed.). Toronto, ON: Nelson Education Ltd.

Columbine Shooting, 1999
Social Learning Theory Process at Work...
Columbine Shooting, Case Example
Harris and Klebold imitated the actions of their characters within the Doom video game
Doom is a popular game, hearing fellow classmates talk about how cool it is is favourable definition.
Differential Association
In the game, they achieved more status and power from their violent actions (definitions favouring crime)
Differential Reinforcement
Seeing their Doom characters rewarded in the game reinforced the idea that what they did was favourable
University of New Hampshire United States.
Performed on middle school students administrating surveys throughout the year.
The survey measured variables such as self-report of fights and exposure to violent video games.
Concludes that adolescents that play more than one violent video game on a regular basis may present behavioral effects such as: violent behavior and aggression, hostile personality and trait anger.
Do violent video games contribute to an aggressive behavior on adolescence?

Dependent on frequency, duration, priority, and intensity
(Kohn, 2001, para. 4-31).
(Melissa Tran, 2012).
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