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Essential Questions: How do the character conflicts influenc

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Rebecca Gutierrez

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Essential Questions: How do the character conflicts influenc

Essential Question: How do the character conflicts influence the progression and resolution of the plot?
internal conflict
: a struggle within the characters heart or mind

external conflict
: a struggle with another character, nature, or society
What are some other words that start with the

What does the
sub- mean?
-: under, less important

a minor plot that is related to the main story
Text Structure: Chronological Order
Many stories are told in
chronological order
, or the sequence in which the events happen.
What is a plot line?
: a sequence of events that advance as the story progresses
Exposition (Basic Situation)
beginning of the story
characters, setting, and conflicts are usually introduced
the point at which you see the characters address the story's main conflict
usually the emotional high point of the story
the closing of the story
where the reader learns the outcome of the conflict
Rising Action
events leading up to the climax
includes complications and situations that make the story more interesting

What would make a story more interesting, surprising or suspenseful?

What are some internal and external conflicts you have come across recently in your reading?
What are some subplots you have come across recently in your reading?
Parallel Episodes
similar events that occur throughout the plot's development
Event 1
Event 3
Event 2
CST Questions
Which of the following is the
main organizational pattern
of the text?

a. compare and contrast
b. cause and effect
c. chronological
d. problem/solution
Where in the plot would this scene occur?
Paul packed his last pair of jeans in his duffel bag and carried it out to the car. It was time to leave for college. His mom and dad—and Miranda—were waiting with sad smiles on their faces. Paul placed his lucky bottle cap in Miranda’s hand and climbed into the car after saying goodbye.
He was surprised to find a little box on the seat next to him. Inside it, on a cushion of cotton balls, was Miranda’s lucky letter charm—M for miracles.
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