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Visual Learning and The Eneagram

No description

Sam Bancroft

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Visual Learning and The Eneagram

Visual Learning What is Visual Learning? Visual Learning is a teaching and learning style that conveys ideas and concepts through images and techniques e.g. Graphs Mindmaps Illustrations Diagrams Maps Photos Visual Learning works in three main ways Retention Information is remembered better when it
is learned both verbally and visually Comprehension Information is easier to learn if it
can be related to previous experience,
for example a photograph Organization Information can be recalled by picturing
things and creating patterns The Charactaristics of a Visual Learner Good at spelling Forgets names Likes colours Dreams in colour Likes charts Is good at and understands
sign language A Visual Learner might . . . Copy everything on the board Make Lists Colour code Watch Videos Circle and underline words Enneagram The Enneagram of Personality, or just the Enneagram is an application of the 9 pointed geometric shape the Enneagram. It is used to link different personality issues and is linked in heavily with the Myres Briggs test. The next diagram shows the Enneagrams
integration with the Myres Briggs test. Thank You
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