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All About Me

No description

Korey Perkins

on 6 September 2017

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Transcript of All About Me

Some Cold Hard Facts
Feb. 17, 1989
(28 years old)
side note:
I appreciate gifts on my birthday :)

Yes, I have social media. No, I will not follow you.
#aintaboutthatlife #team

: I'm extremely sarcastic and I sometimes let a swear word slip. I'm only human. If this offends you in any way, just remember that I don't care.

I don't work at nor do I own it. I can't hook you up with a discount.
can't even get a discount and my name's on the side of the building.

What I Do Here at UV
Where I Spent the last 5 Years
New York
BA in English (2011)
Utica College of Syracuse University (NY)

MS in Education (2014)
Walden University (MN)

MFA in Creative Writing (2015)
Full Sail University (FL)
Teams I like, or better yet "worship"
Those who know me best, know that I'm a huge sports fan.
I used to be good at sports, too...
Tattoo addiction
All About Me
The Incredibly Uninteresting Journey of Mr. Perkins
aka the Quick Essentials of Mr. Perkins
The Boring Stuff First
I'm very approachable. If you ever need to talk, my door is always open...except when it's not.

Office (prep) hours
: Period 4 & Period 10 - See previous bullet point.
Leave me alone

Contact info
- (607) 847-7500 ext. 3215

- kperkins@uvstorm.org (best option)

Need to complain about grades?

Syllabus Requirements
Date yet to be determined.

Likely cause
Overexposure to stupidity.

To prevent my untimely demise
You all have brains. Please use them.

Contrary to popular belief, there are such things as stupid questions:
1. What are we doing today?
2. Can we have a free day?
3. Can I borrow a pencil?
4. Is this going to be graded?
5. How many more slides are there?
6. Do we need to bring our book next class?
7. Do we need to write this down?
8. Could you repeat that?

These are just a few, the list gets longer every year...
Don't contribute to this list.
Rules & Regulations
I'm what you would call, a degree whore...
The following teams are in order of importance; from "Diehard" to "Eh. They're okay."
New York Yankees
Carolina Panthers
Oklahoma Sooners
Gonzaga Bulldogs
Although I respect them,
I hate Boston's guts.
I did enjoy this though.
The main stuff:
1. Bathroom breaks
2. The 5 P's
Be Prompt
Be Patient
Be Prepared
Be Polite
Be Productive
Dallas Mavericks
Arsenal F. C.
Boston Bruins
Syracuse Orange
A crazy little thing called love...
Our Wedding Day
October 3, 2015
My Love of Art
Ambigram tattoo
Alice in Wonderland Quote
"I can't go back to yesterday because I was a different person then."
English/Writing tattoo
Walt Whitman Quote
"And your very flesh shall be a great poem."
Forever & Always tattoos
Family Crest tattoo
Alice in Wonderland tattoo #2
After session 1
Let's Keep It Simple
If you want to survive English 8 and 9:
I was a 3-sport athlete in High School
My sports: Soccer, Basketball, and Baseball
Four words that "offend" me:
Basically, I don't want to hear these words uttered at all
The "R-word"
The "N-word"
The "C-word"
The "F-word"
English 8 & English 9
No doubt most, if not all of you, are at least somewhat familiar with the story “Freedom Writers.” Well what I like to do is a version of this story. One of your main yearlong assignments will be maintaining a journal.

And just like anything else you do in school there are rules and stipulations that must be followed in order for you to receive
full credit

This is not an optional assignment.

It is mandatory
Words of the Day
What do I write about?
How long should my entries be?
For how long and when do I write?
What should every entry have?
You can write about
absolutely anything
for the most part, except for the following:
(anything illegal);
fighting/hurting someone
suicidal thoughts
- probably shouldn’t write negatively about Mr. P either, since he controls your grade

At least

half a page
for every entry
- Less than half a page will result in a deduction of points

At the
beginning of FRIDAY'S class
for 5
The date of that day's entry
If you happen to be absent one class and miss an entry,
you do not have to make up that entry
, you need to note your
absence in your journal.

I will not be checking the attendance record to see if you were present in class or not. If you fail to put that you were absent, I will assume you were present in class and that you chose not to write that day.
This is YOUR responsibility not mine.

Your journals will be graded at the end of
. It will go in the gradebook as a Test grade.

I will be "reading" your entries, but not necessarily responding to what you say. I may add a response here and there on occasion, but it's very rare as I'll have nearly 100 journals to look at.
So don't anticipate comments regularly.
Every OTHER class period
(starting next class) you will receive a "Word of the Day" that you should write down on a separate sheet of paper and keep in a safe place, preferrably your folder/binder.
Class will start with this. I will give you the word and spell it for those who need it, then give you the word in a sentence.
I will not simply give you the definition.
It will be up to you to use the context clues of the sentence I supply you to come up with a definition for the word.
There will be numerous Words of the Day quizzes throughout the school year.
Usually every 2-3 weeks.
Be prepared.
21 WCC Regular Season Championships
15 WCC Tournament Championships
19 NCAA Tournament Appearances
466-111 record over the last 18 seasons
After session 2
A little something to think about...
Required Texts
Prentice Hall Literature
Supplementary Texts
Selected novels and plays
Selected short stories and poems
Various informational articles and essays
Grading Policy
Quizzes ------------------ 15%
Classwork/HW---------- 50%
Tests/Projects/Essays 35%
this is subject to change
Pens [
ink only
Four highlighters [1
Notebook paper [
college ruled
One 1" binder OR one plain folder
Composition notebook [NO SPIRALS!]
Late Work Policy
10 points off
for every day late
After 3 days

3. Cell phones
Point Competition
Every class will be a part of this challenge.
Every day your class can earn up to 100 points.
Unless there are opportunities to earn more.
Ex. Quizzes, tests, teacher challenge, etc.
The winner of this challenge will get their picture taken with the class trophy
and receive a party
at the end of the year! :)
Keep in mind
you can also lose points
as a class every day for behaviors and performance
below what is expected of you
Please try your best every day!
That's all for now. I hope to coach when a position becomes available.
I'm glad I moved because Hurricane Irma is about to destroy Florida.
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