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A Prison By Any Other Name

No description

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of A Prison By Any Other Name

Further Research/Application
The Abu Ghraib prison incident is a prime example of the prison study at work. In that situation young soldier sadistically attacked prisoners in ways that cannot be said. We can see how innocent normal people can change into vicious creatures.
This study like Milgrim's study of obedience this study was very controversial. It brought about a very big debate on prison reform.
Philip Zimbardo started his study at the Stanford University psychology department basement. He wanted to create a similar environment of a prison so he hired a an ex convict to help with the structure of the prison. They used the basement as their jail. They changed the classrooms to cells and the hallway into a prison hall. The closet became the solitary confinement room.
The Question???
What happens to a person in a given situation such as a prison
By Wayne George
A Prison By Any Other Name
Dr. Philip Zimbardo
They advertised for participants in the local paper paying fifteen dollars. They were screened for any criminal problems and psychological problems.
Prisoners were arrested at the start of the project. They were booked, fingerprinted, and blindfolded. Then they were thrown into their cells. They were given smocks with their numbers on them. The guards wore guard-like uniforms. They also wore sunglasses to look menacing. They didn't have any training, but they just had to control the prisoners.
The guards were able to control the prisoners by using creative measures such as withholding privileges, and giving them at random intervals as to divide and conquer them. Zimabardo planned this study for 2 weeks, but he had to end the study in 6 days due to how drastically everyone had changed. "The guards" were actually now guards. "The prisoners" were now actually prisoners. Even Zimbardo was actually going into his role as a Prison Superintendent. His study was a success.
From this study I learned of how a situation can change a person, and make them something that they are not.
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