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5-year plan

No description

Cheyenne Oakes

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of 5-year plan

year goal 0
My goal three is to be in pre-calculus. I would like to be in pre-cal in junior year because I love math and that would be great to achieve this goal. I have to succeed in this goal or I cant get in to calculus if I dont take this class.
Year Goal 3
My goal for my first year in high school is too get more than a 4.0 so I can maintain my GPA throughout my high school year. I am taking all honors except science.
Conditional: If I were smarter, I'd take all honors.
Subjunctive: I would work harder in science to get good ,but I do not like science.
Year Goal 1
My two year goal as a sophomore is to focus on getting better at science. I want to get better because I would like to get into honors. That is a lot of honor classes but if I study I can do it and succeed
Year Goal 2

5-year plan
Year Goal four
As a senior I would like to be in calculus,look at colleges, and graduate with honors. I would like to be in the highest math class as a senior because I like to be the best at thing. I want to look at colleges because I really want to get into UK or OS. I have to graduate with honors because i really want to get a scholarship.
Year Goal five
My goal is to be a freshmen at Ohio State University.
Conditional: I would go to UK but I want to stay in Ohio with my parents.
Subjunctive: If I went out of state I would go to UK.
goal 0
goal 1
goal 2
goal 3
goal 4
goal 5
The goal I would like to accomplish at the end of 8th grade is to finish the school year out with a 4.0 GPA. I have got straight A's all year. It would not be good to get a B at the end going into high school .
name: Cheyenne Oakes
period: 5
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