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Dave Ramsey Chapter 10

Career Choices and Taxes

Lauren Juhl

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Dave Ramsey Chapter 10

by Lauren Mengwasser
and Lauren Juhl Career Choices
and Taxes Key Terms Career
Cover Letter
Income Tax
Payroll Deduction
Resume What do high school students
know about taxes? Changing Average jobs are now only 2.1 years in length
Average workers could have 20 different jobs
98.3% of companies in America have fewer than 100 employees Myth vs. Truth Myth: As you grow, you change
Truth: You do not outgrow your personality Influencing
Otter good talkers
entertains others
can waste time
won't be quiet
loses sight of the task "I pay them, but I don't know what they are."
-Junior, Wyoming
"I know that you have to pay taxes on just about everything that you buy."
-Senior, Missouri
"The government takes a percentage of your earnings from each check."
-Junior, Florida DISC Profile D- Dominant
hard-charging driver
first looks to problems I- Influencing
first look to people S- Stable
doesn't like conflict
concerned about pace C- Compliant
loves detail
can seem rigid
loves procedures 25% are expressive Occupations:
Sales Agent People:
Julia Roberts
Ronald Reagan Dominant
Lion 10% are drivers takes charge
likes power
bottom line
can hurt feelings
can turn people off
overlooks detail Occupations:
Business Owner
Principal People:
George W. Bush A closer look at the DISC Profile Stable
Golden Retriever 40% are amiable steady
slow to act
low profile
can seem unenthusiastic Occupations:
Pharmacist People:
Mohandas Gandhi
Princess Diana Compliant
Beaver 25% are analytical loves detail
very logical
can seem rigid
resistant to change
too serious Occupations:
Airplane Pilot
Nurse People:
Al Gore
Albert Einstein Which one are you? Job Hunting Companies aren't looking for you

They have a specific NEED and they
need someone to meet it Strategy identify your target
learn everything you can about them Introduction letter
Cover letter and Resume
Phone follow-up Interviews and jobs come from
persistent follow-up and
networking Interviews Appearance has an effect
dress nicely
appropriately be on time
address everyone by name
offer a firm, confident handshake
maintain eye contact Overtime/Extra Jobs Be willing to sacrifice to win
Have a detailed plan
Choose the job
Start a home based business
Don't give up! Don't get stuck in a rut
Press on The End Top 10 Most Popular Jobs 1. Dentist
2. Registered Nurse
3. Pharmacist
4. Computer System Analyst
5. Physician
6. Database Administrator
7. Physical Therapist
8. Web Developer
9. Software Developer
10. Dental Hygienist Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs 1. Doctors and Surgeons- $234,950
2. Dentists and Orthodontists- $204,670
3. Chief Executive Officers- $176,550
4. Petroleum Engineers- $138,980
5. Lawyers- $130,490
6. Architectural and Engineering Managers- $129,350
7. Natural Sciences Manager- $128,230
8. Marketing Manager- $126,190
9. Computer and Information Systems Managers- $125,660
10. Industrial-Organizational Psychologist- $124,160
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