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No description

Robin Payne

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Analogies

Analogy - a vocabulary exercise in which an association between a concept and its attribute is present.
Analogies help you learn new words if you
figure out the
between the words.
There are many types of relationships between words in analogies.
object to function
fork:eat as shovel:hole
An analogy
up:down as hot:cold
part to whole
cause to affect
definition /description
Analogies should be read:
____________ is to _______________ as _________________ is to ____________

part to whole
What is the relationship you see between both sets of words?
both sets of words are antonyms
minute:hour as ounce:pound
The relationship that exists between the words in the first part is exactly the same as the relationship that exists between the words in the second part.
as” splits the analogy into two parts. The first part is the left-hand side of the as, "up:down," and the second part is the right-hand side, "hot:cold."
dog : Golden Retriever as fish : carp
happy : joyful :: sad : depressed
practice : improve as rain : flood
We are going to look at some analogies, and figure out what kind of connection the words have.
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