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Japanese Industrialization 1750-1900


vince hayes

on 7 January 2015

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Transcript of Japanese Industrialization 1750-1900

The Japanese Dynamo:
Pre-Industrial Trading
Prior to industrializing, Japan only traded with a couple of countries, China and the Netherlands. Japan exported and imported very little, and because of their isolationism, they were basically self-sufficient.
Social Order
The Bakufu
For many eras, Japan has had a Japanese feudal system, which revolves around control of the land and the ruling warrior class, the Samurai.
The Tokugawa Shogunate has created a country incapable of dealing with the 'Rising Western Powers'

A case for de-evolution, many Samurai refused to utilize gunpowder weapons and in doing so, crippled the military viability of their defenses. . .
From this map of Japans Natural resources you can see that Japan has iron, coal, lead, zinc, and copper. What other pre-industrial country might this remind you of?
The United States have arrived on Japanese shores and have demanded for Japan to industrialize and trade with other nations or be wiped out completely. So, what does Japan do?

Fighting back would be as useless as a sword in a gun fight, because Japan has obsolete ships and weapons. Japan also can't sit back because the US will take over if they do. So they have to industrialize. Here's how:
Summary and Current Problems
Economic Competition
-Foreign Experts
-Technical Schools
-Railroads, Roads, Canals, etc...
-Banking System

ex. Mitsui Combine
By following these steps, Japan has an industrial revolution, and rise above all other countries in the means of production, economy, and technology.
Japan will guide the industrialization process to complete it faster and better than the 'trial and error' countries. With our new found economic power Japan can Imperialize other countries!
The End Product
how japan went from a feudal, isolated society to an imperial power in decades
Tokugawa Shogunate:
Culturally Explosive
Technologically Reactionary
Japan is humiliated by being forced to accept unequal treaties at the hands of US Comm. Matthew Perry
So What is Japan to Do?
Here are some simple steps
Japan follows to break into the
Industrial Age
Matthew Perry, closely followed by other European Countries, forces the Japanese to accept 'capitulations' and unequal treaties like the Qing before them. They lost control of tariffs and foreigners were granted extra-territoriality rights, shaming Japan.
Adapt or Die:
A new government is forcibly adopted under the boy emperor, Mitsuhito. He claimed his reign to be 'Meiji' or enlightened.
This shifted the government away from seven centuries of military dictatorship
In a bold move, the newly formed Government sought to industrialize and create a military to rival that of the Europeans.
But how?
The Government recruited japanese scholars to go out to the European world and study their latest technologies and economic principles and bring them back to Japan
When German principles are decided upon, the Social Order needed to be redesigned:
Land Reforms
1. Daimyo give lands in return for Nobility Status
2. Neutralizing Daimyo power
3. Regions divided into prefectures, with governors
4. Samurai class abolished (painful but necessary)
5. Samurai given bonds in repayment
6. Samurai Rebel, and are devastated by the new national army, thus creating a strong statement as to where Japan was going!
Meiji Restoration
-Revamped Tax system, based on money and not grain
-Constitutional Monarchy, 'Diet'
-Meiji kept many autocratic powers, and only 5% of adult males could vote
-Vast improvement over the past centuries
Meiji Westernization
Russo Japanese War!
Model for Development
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