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Divergent Video Game Proposal

No description

Janet Park

on 20 January 2015

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Transcript of Divergent Video Game Proposal

Summary of Divergent
(the novel the video game is based on)

In a dystopian world, society is separated into five factions, and all of them are dedicated to improving a particular virtue. There is Candor (the honest), Abnegation (the selfless), Dauntless (the brave), Amity (the peaceful), and Erudite (the intelligent). Every year on a certain day, all sixteen-year-olds must pick a faction; once this faction is picked, there is no going back unless they become factionless, which is the equivalent of being homeless. Beatrice struggles to choose between staying loyal to her family in Abnegation, and discovering who she really is. She startles herself and everyone by choosing the daring Dauntless. Beatrice changes her name to Tris, and struggles through the tough and competitive initation that is required. Tris makes friends and enemies; even a boyfriend. But Tris also has a big secret, that even she herself is not sure of the meaning. As she discovers a growing conflict in her world and society, she struggles to deal with her secret, as it can either mean saving everyone, or endangering herself,

Changes from novel to video game
This video game cuts out a lot of content from the beginning, and middle parts of the original novel. This is because in the novel, Tris makes many important decisions, and the story without these decisions wouldn’t work. Therefore, through these choices, the audience would just have to sit there and watch the story unfold. They themselves wouldn’t be able to really do anything. In order to try and incorporate the audience more, I decided to choose the last quarter of the novel- which is the most action packed and intense, for this video game. As a lot of the plot is left out, I added a choice for viewers to view Tris’ story in a quick video. I also made minor tweaks in order to increase the audience interaction in the game.

Audience will play Tris

The objective of this game is to save the people of the Abnegation faction from murder and harm by shutting down the serum system in Erudite headquarters.
Complete all 7 stages in order to beat the game.
Coins are gained by playing and succeeding in the mini games.
Weapons: guns, knives, swords, body

Dauntless Training
There are multiple training games which are used to gain strength and coins.

Evil Characters
These people will do anything to stop Tris and her friends.
Divergent Video Game Proposal (Wii)
By: Janet Park

The heroine of the video game, Tris is selfless and brave.

Supporting Characters
Christina, Tobias, and Will
Eric and Peter
Jeanine Matthews
- Jump into and off of trains without falling off or missing; try to survive for 3 minutes!

- Fight with the other initiates in order to rank up- getting to first place fighter will get you 100 coins. Peter is vicious, so watch out for him! Using your wii remote, you will actually be able to "fight" your opponent! Punch and kick; the wii sensor will pick up the action, and Tris will do the exact same as you on screen.

Dummy Frenzy
- Hit as many dummies as you can in one minute.
Thanks to the wii technology, you will actually punch at the screen. Attach your nunchuk to your remote so you can punch with both hands.

Dauntless Training
Throw Knives
- Aim for the bull’s eye as you throw knives. You will get the same number of coins as your score, and since this is a wii game, you can actually pretend you are throwing the knives as you swing your wii remote.

Capture the Flag
- 1v1 the character of your choice (this is where you can interact with more characters)

Use of Coins
Coins won from the mini games can be used to purchase weapons and clothes.

In the Beginning
Audience will be given the choice of viewing Tris’ story until when the video game starts out. This will be advised as it’ll give them insight on Tris as a person, her morals, and the theme of the video game.
They will see Tris as she gets inconclusive, therefore "Divergent" on the aptitude test. They will be able to watch as she chooses the Dauntless faction, leaves her loving parents behind in Abnegation, and struggles through initiation training. She will also be seen as she makes her friends and boyfriend. This video game strongly relies on making choices and dealing with the consequences of them. Watching the brief video will show the audience how Tris makes decisions, and how she copes with the aftermath of them. They will also see Tris acting selflessly through multiple occasions.

The Choosing Ceremony; where Tris picks Dauntless
- Similar to throwing knives, aim your wii remote at the screen and experience realistic riflery!
The Game
Stage 1
Tobias will guide you out of your room and show you that something is wrong- the Erudite are planning on using a serum on the Dauntless to brainwash them. This will force the Dauntless to unwillingly become the army of the Erudite. The Dauntless will be forced to shoot innocent people and do whatever the Erudite makes them do.
That night you are forced to be injected with a needle alongside everyone else.

Stage 2
The next morning you will be awaken by everyone moving in sync- it’s too late, the serum already took place! Luckily the serum doesn't work on you or Tobias; you're both Divergent. You must carefully find Tobias without bumping into anyone; if you do, an official may catch that you are Divergent, and take you away to Jeanine Matthews, who is evil. Two bumps and you have to restart the stage.

Stage 3
You’ve found Tobias! Unfortunately, Eric and another official find you guys immediately. Fight them, and escape! Quickly pop your nunchuk into your remote, and don’t hold back. Punch, kick, shoot, and stab. Despite your fight, you are shot. You black out and they capture you.

Stage 4
You wake with a start. You are trapped in a glass tank that is quickly filling with water. You must escape. Escape in one minute or else you die, and the stage must be redone. (Hint: there may be a weapon hidden somewhere in your clothes.)

Stage 5
Don’t get caught as you escape the building. Peter will be waiting to catch you, but you must skillfully avoid him. There are a few different paths to escape the building, and Peter will always come down one of them- although which one, you never know! If you bump into him, or he finds you, you have to restart the level. Be careful as there will be traps, officials, and dead ends on your way out.

Stage 6
You quickly escape and head towards Erudite headquarters. You must shut off the serum system. On your way there you meet your friend Will. Oh no! He is still under the serum and attacks you. What do you do?
(You must either shoot him, or let him shoot you. If you let him shoot you, you will be forced to restart the stage.)

Stage 7
You finally make it to Erudite headquarters. Tobias is also there. Tobias? He is under a serum and tries to kill you. Jeanine must have invented a serum that also works on the Divergent. What do you do? In order to beat the video game, you must get past him and shut down the serum system. You can’t kill Tobias. How can you make him break out of his spell? Fight him off as you decide on what you will do. (You will be forced to restart the stage until you allow Tobias to take your gun- he'll break out of the serum before he actually shoots you.)

Tris getting her aptitude tested
Tris and her lover, Tobias
Bonus Games
Once you beat the game, you will be given the chance to live alternate lives.

Imagine Tris made a different decision; get a taste of what that life would consist of by playing a few levels of Tris in two different factions.

help Jeanine Matthews’ plan of attacking Abnegation, while secretly plotting against her

survive and protect others against the Erudite/ Dauntless as they murder innocent Abnegation people, and political leaders

The Dauntless are brainwashed by the Erudite as they murder the innocent members of Abnegation.
Divergent Vocabulary
For those of you who haven't read the novel, here are some of the new words that are used in the world of Divergent, and mentioned in the video game.
- something (or someone in the case of the novel and video game) that differs from the standard

Usually from the aptitude test, people only get one faction. The people who get more than one faction are called Divergent, and are unique and hunted down by officials. This is because they are different; the serums and simulations used to control or manipulate everyone don't work on them.
Erudite- faction devoted to having great knowledge or learning
Factions: there are 5 factions in the Divergent world, you pick one and devote your life to it; each faction has a different virtue represented
Abnegation- faction devoted to selflessness
Dauntless- faction devoted to overcoming fear, and having freedom
(The other factions aren't mentioned in the game.)
Screen-shots of the Game
Although I've already included various pictures of what the video game should look like, I'll include two more.
Tris in stage 6, running to Erudite headquarters.
Tris struggling to escape the water tank in stage 4.
Aptitude Test: a test you take that identifies you with one of the factions
Choosing Ceremony: a ceremony where 16 year olds pick the faction that they will live in for the rest of their lives
the immoral but genius leader of Erudite
Conclusion: Together, you and Tobias will shut down the serum system and save the day. Good job! You beat the game!
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