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Building an IT Ecosystem

No description

Bobby Liu

on 25 December 2014

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Transcript of Building an IT Ecosystem

Roadmap to an Ecosystem
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
4. Step ladder
Creation of a pipeline of thru-put and deal flows
5. Tech Fest
An anchor for smaller startup events, such as Hackathons, Startup Weekend, VYE.
Create a pipeline for discovered startups in various categories.
Provide incubation of these startups to better prepare them.
2. The Start
Level 1 - Incubation
Identifying good ideas, cultivate and nurture
Provide an environment to promote ideation
Match founders to create MVP
Identify collaborative opportunities
Develop soft skills
Provide an avenue for funding thru Cloud Funding Platform
Level 2 - Acceleration
Business Accelerators
Thru-put from level 1
A shorter but more intense program
Typically already with some market penetration
Opportunity for next-level funding
Building of market share
Product iteration
Level 3 - Growth Hack
Collaboration and acquisition
Hockey-curve growth
Expansion strategy
IT outsourcing center of SEA
Big and growing population
Large segment of young population
Young nation
More exposed Millennial Generation
Well educated
Entrepreneurial mindset
Increasing spending power
Embracing new technology
Fairly decent and wide coverage of telecom infrastructure
3. Uniquely Different
unique differences of Asia and SV culture
Embrace the difference
Sooner or later, SV will need to come to Asia.
And then what?
Invest in product dev and market share
6. Next Step?
Creating a sustainable Startup Ecosystem
Compile database of startups and stakeholders
Re-tweak and improve on Tech Fest and its objectives, further iterate, make it more effective
Inculcate positive mindset
Encourage collaborative partnership and sharing
Create a marketplace of early adopters
Geographically, Vietnam is the central region for East Asia and SEA
Attract innovators from the region to come - inherit talent pool
Integrate our talents with theirs
Vietnam provides affordable living conditions
Be a base for OV to come innovate
Make VN the center of Innovation for East Asia
Develop a framework with Singapore to channel development funds to Vietnam
To use Vietnam as a launch pad into a market of 2 billion
Develop Vietnam as the early adopters destination
In-flow of talents will attract in-flow of funds
To create conducive environment for innovators
Make available programs that enhance growth
Collaborate with counterpart govt dept support, eg, NRF in Singapore
Get ready for 2015 ASEAN integration
Make 'cheap' an advantage
An annual anchor event for IT
A platform to gather venture funds to look at funding of startups at various levels.
Working groups to focus on emerging trends, ideas and future expectations.
A place to chart changes, make relevant changes and create integration.
Better pitch by startups thru various programs in early stages of incubation.
Targeted match-making of funds and startups.
A center stage for startups to focused upon.
Launchpad for startups to introduce and demonstrate their applications.
Roadshow in Singapore and Thailand - friendliest neighbors
Closed door sessions with venture firms
Sell the story of ambition
Meet with counterpart ICT dept
Collect views of counterparts' initiation in this sector
Promote VN as innovation centers to entrepreneurs
Software Architects
New, cutting-edge ideas
An adoption community
Relatively small user base
Business adoption
Maturity of the ecosystem
Lack Tech Planning
Cloning market
No validation
Migration to new platform
Conventional business models
Lack of trust in homegrown talents
Product scaling, slow
Proliferation of clones
Market scaling
unattractive prospects
Lacking economy of scale
Lack of secondary adoption community
Varied culture
Young ecosystem
Spiked growth
Higher market growth
Homogenous ulture
Mature ecosystem
plateau growth
Gradual market growth
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