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Edmodo for CHS

No description

Brad Campbell

on 4 September 2013

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Transcript of Edmodo for CHS

Other Resources
Which of the following quotes
are you dreading the most this fall?

* My printer was not working...
* Our group did not have enough time...
* The new eval requires parent communication....
* I forgot the homework

= edmodo
Edmodo Notes
to any class OR any student
a file
a link
Things you can share:
* Reminder regarding rules...
* Attendance update (rule of 14)
* A youtube video that you did not have time for in class.
* Current Event articles (paperless).
* Pictures of the whiteboard.
* Announcements
* Your primary source packet.
* How else could you add to your class by "extending" it?
* Panama Canal 411

Alerts can be used to make important
I ask kids to set text notifications to alerts only...
Students can submit files or
answer questions directly.
Score is reported when you grade it!
All work is tagged with time/date!
Graded for you (MC or T/F)
Also has short answer/fill-in-the-blank
and short answer!
You can control amount of time.
You can set questions to shuffle.
Good for practice or as a hw.
Formative/Summative options.
Kids can create posts to class or you
~use polls to check in with your class
~ after tests
These functions and abilities
should make your life easier and
remove so many excuses/headaches.
Parent code: allows Mom/Dad to oversee their account.
Great for new eval. model.
Change Password: you can help any Student in your class.
Allows groups to collaborate
beyond class time
Again, these allows us
to "erase" all of their
I feel like..
How do I start?
I have always had all sections together
but that is a choice you can make.
What if:
They don't have phone/computer?
First - how many does this apply to?
Second - Edmodo is only a support.
I find that edmodo "erases"
many of your headaches...
Clubs/Teams can use this
as a technique to communicate:
Everyone gets the message.
Public record.
Edmodo can be used:
~ Announce classroom changes.
~ Is this a dress out or health day?
~ Allow Special Ed. teachers to see what
students owe.
~ Create a photo library of your students work
~ Students can send themselves notes w/ files

Hint: keep changing code until you get a
memorable one and keep it set!
No more:
"its on my computer at home"
"I lost the file"

Go ahead and download the app


used it last year? archive > delete

Best Part?
They do get back to you!
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