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Shipco Airfreight: Delivery/ DDU Rates for Air Import Shipments

Learn the shortcuts for Shipco.com's Airfreight options. (Best viewed in full screen mode.)

Shipco Transport

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Shipco Airfreight: Delivery/ DDU Rates for Air Import Shipments

How to find Delivery DDU/DAP rates from 35
US Customs Airports to more than 45,000 Destinations throughout the United States.

Step 2- Select "Air" on the E-Commerce Menu
If the E-Commerce menu is not open , click this black tab on the right to slide out the menu.
Standard Results
Step 1: Log in or Create an Account
Log in or create an account at http://www.shipcoairfreight.com/

This will bring you to your Dashboard.
What's the Dashboard?
You can consider the Dashboard your personalized E-Commerce home screen. This is where all your Favorites, News and recent History will display. Access the Dashboard upon logging in, and navigate to the Dashboard through the E-Commerce Tab Menu.
click and drag to rearrange
You can click and drag the windows to organize the view into the order most pleasing to you and your daily work flow.
Menu Tab
The menus will automatically slide away or “hide” to improve your view of the screen and its contents.
Click "Air".

Then click “US Import (Airfreight) Inland Rates”.
Under “Search Options” enter the zip code, commodity (Personal Effects or Commercial) and chargeable weight in lbs or kilos, then click “Submit” for the results.
What if I don’t know the zip code?
What if I want to move freight from a different gateway?
What if I don’t know the exact weight, yet?
Obtain a quote using a weight range.
Under Volume & Weight, click “Scale Weight”

Rates will be calculated based on delivery from the gateway airport nearest to the delivery address.
Under the zip code box- Click “FIND ZIPCODE”.
Once that information is entered a drop down of zip codes for that city will appear. Select a zip code from the list and click “Go” to proceed.
A pop up will appear asking you the city and state. Enter information and click "FIND ZIP CODE"
If you need your freight delivered from an airport other than the one closest to your location, click the drop down labeled "Select Alternative Gateway" to get a quote comparison for both locations.
*For larger or repetitive shipments, contact us for a spot rate: airspotrate@shipco.com.

Alternative Gateway Results
Click here to mark items as your favorites and add them to your Dashboard.
Enter the weight range, and the increments you would like prices for. (For example: get rates for 100-1000lbs in 100lb increments.)

Click “Submit” to view results.
Click arrows to view or hide range details.
Scale Weight Results
To Print your results,
click here.
But wait...

Recent quotes will also appear on your Dashboard in the History box for easy access.

If you need assistance with your E-Commerce account, contact ecommerce@shipco.com.
If you know the Quote ID of a recent inquiry, that you’d like to access you can search based on that.
If you’ve performed several quote searches, you can browse your recent inquiries by clicking the drop down for recent search results labeled “Select Saved Quote”
Step 3- Enter Required Information marked with an Asterisk*
The rate includes: airport fee, customs clearance, handling and delivery to a commercial address.
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