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Hero's Journey: The Lightning Thief

No description

Richard Novy

on 6 November 2015

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Transcript of Hero's Journey: The Lightning Thief

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The Hero's Journey
The Ordinary World
This is when the Hero is living their so-
called "normal life". They are often
happy where they are and are usually out
of place. This is the beginning of their journey, because as they move on, they will be called on an adventure.
Percy's Ordinary World
Call to Adventure
Generally an event happens and the Hero is brought a Journey he/she must complete. It may not be a flat out request for them to do something, but it may be that an event happens and they feel the need to go save someone or something.
Percy's Call to Adventure
The Road of Trials
Percy's Tests
Allies and helpers
The Hero needs a helper or two. Without a helper, the hero would fail miserably on his quest. For example, in the myth of Theseus, Adriadne helps Theseus find his way through the Labryinth. Without her help Theseus would have been lost forever.
Percy Helpers
The Supreme Ordeal
This is when the Hero is at the climax of their Journey. When they embarked on the quest, they had this one goal in mind, and now they are here: The Supreme Ordeal. Not only is the most difficult challenge they have ever faced, but they also need to use skills they have learned to even get out alive.
Percy endures the Supreme Ordeal
*A brief paragraph that summarizes the novel. Big ideas here. What is Percy's task/quest? What is he trying to do? What happens if he doesnt do these things? Where does he have to go?
*A concluding statement that mentions that Percy is on the hero's journey.
The Magic Flight
Percy's Flight
Now that the hero has gotten their reward, they have to get back to where they came from. Often, an enemy will be stopping them from leaving, and they must defeat that obstacle. To do this, they must combine all of their new found knowledge from the quest to defeat them, and afterward they can head for home.
Confronting the Father
In this step the person must confront whatever holds the ultimate ower in his or her life. In many myths and stories this is the father, or a father figure who has life and death power.
Percy's Confrontation
Master of Two Worlds/
Restoring the World
The hero has saved thier orginal world and often return to the world with an object or ability that allows them to return to their own worlds.
Percy Becoming the Master
* A brief paragraph that explains the different challenges Percy faced and that they helped prepare him for the supreme ordeal.
Entering the Unknown
This is the part where the Hero goes from his ordinary and normal life, into a world in which they have never experienced before. This could be a world filled with supernatural creatures, breathtakin gsights, and the constant threat of death.
Percy Enters the Unknown
Meeting the Mentor
The hero meets their mentor, a person that will help them through their Journey and is generally considered to be wise. The mentor can also be an object, such as a book or map.
Percy's Mentor
The Hero: Percy
Describe the hero. What does he look like? What is his personality? How do we know?
This is a series of tests, tasks, or ordeals tha the hero must undergo to begin the transformation. These obstacles make them stronger and prepares them for the final showdown.
Lotus Eaters
Describe the world in which Percy lives in at the begining of the story.
In a short paragraph describe the event here that sends Percy on his journey. Evidence from the text
Explain when Percy enters this new world and what it
is like. Evidence
Who is Percy's mentor and describe when the meet for the first time a mentor and mentee. Evidence.
Explain who Percy's helpers are and what would likely happen if they were not there to help him.
Describe Grover: What does he look like? What kind of personality does he have? How do we know this?
Describe Annabeth: What does she look like? What kind of personality does she have? How do we know this?
Explain and describe this challenge, use evidence from the text.
Explain and describe this challenge, use evidence from the text.
Explain and describe this challenge, use evidence from the text.
Explain and describe this challenge, use evidence from the text.
Explain and describe this challenge, use evidence from the text.
A short paragraph that describes the supreme ordeal using evidence from the text.
A short paragraph that describes some of the smaller
obstacles that Percy has to overcome after the supreme ordeal. Evidence of course :)
Describe Percy's encounter in a short paragarph
Yes, use evidence.
Explain in a sentence or two when Percy become the master of two worlds.
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