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animation model 1

model 1 about magnetic field

aainaa salwa mohd najib

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of animation model 1

selenoid and magnetic field line
Cross field:
Discovery of the electron
Cross field:
The hall effect
A circulating charge particle
Cyclotron & Synchrotron
Torque on a current loop
right hand rule
Magnetic force on
a current carrying wire
Right hand rule
Left hand rule
follow the right hand rule
Motors are the most common application of magnetic force on current-carrying wires.

Motors have loops of wire in a magnetic field. When current is passed through the loops, the magnetic field exerts torque on the loops, which rotates a shaft.

Electrical energy is converted to mechanical work in the process.
Cyclotron and synchrotron are two types of particle
Torque on a current loop
Magnetic field on a particle
Solenoid and
Magnetic field line

Discovery Of

The Hall

A Circulating
Charge Particle

Cyclotron &

Magnetic force on
a current carrying wire
angular speed, w = v/r
frequency, f = w/2
T = 1/f
magnetic moment = NIA
Soalan contoh
soalan contoh
p/s = same means all in positive direction
p/s = opposite means force in negative direction while V and B are in positive direction
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