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Sam Carrick

on 19 June 2014

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Transcript of Community

What is Community?
How do Values Define a Community?
The Values of a community define a community because they are essentially the building blocks of a community. A good community will have a number of values incorporated in day to day lifestyle.
How can we improve our community?
Affordable/Public Housing
Bric Housing Company: A housing company for the less fortunate to help give a new life for those who are struggling.
Offer assistance e.g. donate, make food, have a fundraiser for organizations who care for the homeless

We all can improve this
as a community
Why should we care about our community?
Our community surrounds us and we are part of it. So we SHOULD care about it. Community is a living, growing and working body, if it is not nurtured and looked after it will die. Once a community has died it is almost impossible to resurrect.
We need
To take action
for our
The Road to a good Community
Arjun Singh, Will Power and Sam Carrick

A community is a group of people who form a society, are different from each other but are still supportive and work harmoniously. There are many communities that can be formed in many different ways, from your local rugby club to BGS.

What are the issues
in our Community?
Spring Hill
A diverse community in the heart of Brisbane that has access to many facilities such as public transport, hospitals and other medical specialists that is in close proximity to the CBD.


We need to stand together, take down the Barriers.
A epidemic that effects over 2070 people in inner Brisbane alone
Spring Hill is a place known for its homeless population because of its free public transport services and proximity to the CBD
Effectively homelessness is an extremely detrimental form of inequality.
Stand Together as One
Have Homes
Open Your Eyes To Homelessness
Get Involved... The Future is Near.
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