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Research in Middle School

No description

Dee Bee

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Research in Middle School

By: Ms. Benjamin
Research in Middle School
The Research Process
consists of the stages involved when doing a research project or assignment. You usually begin your research with a question, then you gather evidence, formulate an answer, and you communicate the results (written report, oral presentation, multimedia presentation (powerpoint, prezi, blog, etc.) brochure, poster, etc.)
The Research Process..

can go smoothly just as long as you know how to
Work Smart!
Important Research Tip #1

Make sure that you use a
variety of resources!!

Using Books, Online Articles, Newspaper Articles, Encyclopedias, Internet Sites, etc. are all great ways to conduct balanced research
Looking for Books?

Use the Dolphin School Library Catalogue or the Mississauga Public Library System
Finding Your Resources
Your Guide to Effective Research Practices
*Imagine the Learning
Looking Online?

To Google? Or not to Google?

Searching for information online is fast, but you MUST know how to search properly!
Finding Your Resources
Google is a
Search Engine

It can guide you to THOUSANDS of results. In your opinion is this good or bad??
Always search for
credible and reliable
+ Remember that anyone can make a website
+ Look for current information (within 5-10 years), look for sites that do not have spelling errors, tons of advertisements and pop ups.

can be purchased by any person or company. This is the most popular domain.

(Canada code)
(special network)
(organizations, specifically non-profit organizations.)
(educational system)
What you NEED to know about Internet Research.....
Helpful Tip

# 3

Instead of using Google, use the
PEEL Databases to begin your research! This will narrow your search down

There's lots to choose from! Let's check some out:


Do Not Plagiarize Material
! (Always give credit to the author)
Using Outside Resources Makes Your Research Stronger!

BUT you
put the information in your own words and you
create a
page also known as a works cited page
The easiest way to do this is by using a graphic organizer and visiting sites such as:

There are different types of plagiarism

It's not only the cut and paste type.

Check out this video.....
When Searching......

Make sure that your search is specific to what you need!

You are researching the causes of earthquakes

Instead of typing "earthquakes" in a search engine, type "earthquakes"
" causes" in order to narrow down your search
"AND" "NOT" and "OR" are Boolean Operators
Happy Researching!!!
Tip # 5
Any Questions??
Forms of Plagiarism Outside of the School System......

APPLE VS. SAMSUNG (patent infringement) August 2012
Real Life Examples......
-Streetsville Branch
-Courtneypark Branch
and Online Learning

Remember to check out the
Dolphin Library MyClass Site
for helpful links
Plagiarism Trackers Used by Students and Teachers
The Consequences of Plagiarism at Dolphin
It's written in your agenda on Page 7

"Plagiarism will not be tolerated at Dolphin. Students who borrow or copy material must acknowledge the source. Failure to do so could result in a "0."

Teachers may also contact your parents/guardians and have you re-do the assignment.
You might as well do it right the first time!

Tip #2
Tip #4
Tip #6
Tip #7
Tip #8
Canadian Points of View
Global Issues in Context
Britannica School
Kids InfoBits
TDSB Director of Education
Chris Spence
Resigns Due to Plagiarism


- Explosive allegations of plagiarism that date back 17 years to his time as a graduate student at the University of Toronto.

In the music industry....
Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" (2013) vs. Marvin Gaye's "Got to Give it Up" (1977)

The Inquiry Process
is an approach to learning
whereby students find and use a
variety of sources of information and
ideas to increase their understanding
of a problem, topic or issue of importance.
It requires more than simply
answering questions or getting a right
answer. It involves investigation,
exploration, search, quest, research,
pursuit and study.

Approaches to Research are
Kuklthau, Maniotes & Caspari,
2007, p. 2
If these databases do not have everything that you are looking for move on to Google
Be aware of bias! Think critically about what you read!!
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