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Culture Shock

Intercultural Communication

Allison Evans

on 4 November 2010

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Transcript of Culture Shock

Culture Shock Allison Evans & Melissa Marco Stages of Cultre Shock Tourist Phase Culture Shock Adjustment Adaptation/Acculturation "Honeymoon"
Differences are fun
Short lived Confusion
Preoccupation with cleanliness Conflict Resolution
Appreciation of host culture
Building of intercultural relationships Bicultural Identity
Personal growth Factors That Affect Culture Shock Control Factors Spatial
Factors Cultural Similarity Interpersonal Factors Quality of
Information Organismic/Biological
Factors Intrapersonal
Factors Geopolitical
Factors Host Culture Attitudes/Policies Managing Culture Shock Study the host culture
Study the local environment
Learn basic verbal and nonverbal skills
Develop intercultural relationships
Maintain an intimate social network
Assume the principle of difference/remember your perceptual context
Anticipate failure events Micro-Cultures Discussion (International Life, 2010)
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