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Victor Calderon Jr.,

on 19 June 2014

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Transcript of "FOUNDATION DAY"

Foundation Day

Every year, schools celebrate their respective foundation days to commemorate the day when the school was founded or established. It is significant not only because of the number of years it has served the community where a school belongs to.
It is likewise significant considering its special milestones as the 78th founding anniversary. Foundation Day usually adopt a very festive mood of games, dance and singing contests, friendly sports competitions, food booths, retail booths, and highlighted with a Field Demonstration of students as coached by their respective teachers.
Field Demonstration
For most parents, the field demonstration is considered the highlight because this is one of the rare chances they see their children perform with the rest of the students.

Taking a cue from its name, it is often done in an open field to the loud beat of drums, uptempo music, and applause.  Students will dress and perform accordingly depending on the prevailing theme for the year.

Technically speaking, this is part of practical learning as students hone their skills in other things aside from academics.

They will learn discipline, teamwork, and patience especially during practice sessions. The many hours spent in rehearsing are considered well spent as students put up a show of a lifetime for their parents.

Commemorating the school foundation day is significant since it is the chance to remind the students about the humble beginnings of their educational institution. This could help them better appreciate the improvements they are currently enjoying which have been worked-hard for by school authorities, parents, and students that came before them.

It is an opportune time especially for older and graduating students to determine what kind of legacy they can leave behind to the school that have supported them through the years and to the student body that will be left behind.

I believe,the celebration of the School Foundation Day is a very much awaited event. By far, foundation day celebration is the grandest among all school activities. That is why, as early as now, I am encouraging everyone to prepare for the 78th year of SACES.

Student Participation
This is not your celebration. This is not my celebration. This is our celebration! 
Thus, I, being the school principal, encourage all students, parents and teachers as well to participate in the 78th foundation anniversary of the school.
All activities that we will be doing are excellent avenues for all of us to grow mentally, physically and emotionally. So everybody should participate.
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