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the white umbrella

No description

ryan sullivan

on 27 September 2016

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Transcript of the white umbrella

The theme of the white umbrella is to live your own life because everyone is different

the point of view a example 1st person, they said i and people names
the point of view
the protagonist is Mona ans her sister
rising action, Mona and the narrators mother is picking them up from piano so they wait in the rain and she wish she was her mother
The white Umbrella
By Gish Jen
the daughter of chinese that they moved here
the protagonist is jealous
the antagonists is Eugene
climax, Mrs.crossmen gives the narrator a white umbrella after the narrator says how bad she wants one
on the way home the narrator, Mona her sister and her mom got in a car wrecik
when everyone gets out of the car the narrator throws the white umbrella doen the sewer
The setting is Mrs.crosemans house and in her moms car and at her house and when they get in a car accident
a pic of the white umbrella
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