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Hang a Thousand Trees with Ribbons

No description

Laura Ladner

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Hang a Thousand Trees with Ribbons

Hang a Thousand Trees with Ribbons
by :Ann Rinaldi Main Characters:

- Phillis Wheatley (Keziah)
- Obour
-Nathaniel Wheatley
-Mary Wheatley
- Mrs. Wheatley

- Mr. Wheatley
-Reverend Lanthrop
-Aunt Cumsee
-the powerfull men who will decide Phillis' future
Near the River of Senegal on the Grain Coast- Janurary 1761
Boston- after the Middle Passage- home of the Wheatley's Keziah is an African American in a small African town. She disobeys her mother, and goes to visit her bestfriend Obour. While she is running over, she is kidnapped. Obour and her mother are kidnapped with Keziah. They're boarded on a ship, captained by Captain Quinn, to take them to America.
While on the ship, she witnesses her mother being thrown overboard into the sea. Once in America, Keziah is sold to the Wheatley family. They name her Phillis. She goes home with them, and the youngest Wheatley daughter-Mary-, claims her as her own personal slave. She doesn't do very well her first couple of nights at the house. Mary strikes Phillis, and since Phillis is treated in the respect like a daughter, she is excused from Mary's service. Before Mother Wheatley finds out, Phillis seeks refuge in Nathaniels room. Nathaniel finds her and they spend quite a while talking. He talks about ships, trade, and being a merchant. Phillis reads the word "Umbrilloes" and Nathaniel is ecstatic over the new discovery, she can read. He agrees to teach Phillis how to read even more.

Thus begins the journey of Phillis' education. Reverend Lanthrop comes in to teach Nathaniel in lessons. Phillis is allowed to sit in on the lessons as long as she completes her chores. She learned about the passion of poetry, even though she couldn't understand the words.
In secret, Nathaniel slowly starts teaching Phillis how to read.
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