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If We Survive

No description

Taylor Bonn

on 8 October 2014

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Transcript of If We Survive

If We Survive
Author: Andrew Klavan
Characters and Description:
Background Information:
Inciting Incident
Rising Action
Inciting Incident
Rising Actions:
Author Information
Author Information:
Falling Action

Falling Action:
Key Passage:
Rising Action:
Rising Action:
This story takes place in present time.
Coasta Verdes.
If We Survive's duration is about one week long.

A sort of wildfire of emotion gripped me. I understand that everything would be decided in the next several seconds: freedom or capture, escape or imprisonment, torture or death. My life- my friend's lives- so much at stake- everything at stake on a single chance, our last chance.

This passage shows how much their lives are at stake and how much this battle matters to Will and his friends. To me, this also shows how he, Will, really believes that it is a possibility for them to die here. To me, also, it shows how mean the rebels are and how they torture other humans.
Falling action:
Falling Action:
Rising Action:
Rising Action:
Taylor Bonn
Block 1

and Critique
Character #1
Character #2
Character #3
Character #4
Character #5
Character #6
Character #7
Pastor Ron:
-Small, friendly faced, young man
-Very enthusiastic
-He is the leader of this mission trip
and strives to help everybody
-Tall, skinny male
-Very smart
Nicki Wilson:
-Glamorous young lady who can be shallow on some occasions
-Referred to the "High School Barbie"
-Can be shallow
-Tall, pale, 17 year old girl
Will Peterson (The narrator) :
-11th grader
-"Average boy"
-A man nobody enjoyed in the beginning
-The mission trip's transportation, he was the pilot
-He always drank beer
-Spanish male who is leading the revolution
-Mendoza is not nice
-He wishes to kill everybody
1. Mendoza is holding the team hostage.

2.Pastor Ron has been beaten badly and is being dragged by
the gunman, he later
3. Palmer was gone when the gunman looked,
his plan to escape worked.

4. Mendoza tells his gunman to take all of them to
shoot and kill them.
5. Palmer showed up in his black van, rushing
to save them. Palmer hits the gunman.

6. The team made the decision to go into the jungle. Mendoza and his team are also in the jungle.

7. They found out the government is after Palmer
because he has been supplying guns to the villagers, who saved them from the jungle, to fight and protect themselves from the army.

8. The team got captured and then escapes Mendoza.
9. They went into a church and into a "coffin", which was really a secret stairway to the catacombs, it was their safe haven.

10. The little priest, Father Miguel, later appeared and gave Palmer and Will an offering, an AK47 and a 6 shot revolver. Father Miguel also provided a plane for them but they had to get past the guards, once they got out of the
In a desperate escape attempt,
Merideth shot and killed
1. Mendoza was killed but the rebels
continue to try to kill the team.

2. The team got to the plane, through all of the
injuries, and made it up in the air toward
America, away from the rebels.
3. The rebels continued to fire at the plane.
The team did not look back, heading for home with the country of tragedies behind.
They made it to America, boarded their planes to their homes, and went their
separate ways.
1. Andrew was born in 1954 in
New York City.
2. Andrew writes psychological thrillers
and mystery novels.
3. Two of his books have been made into
4. Andrew graduated from the University
of California, Berkeley.
Alternate Ending:

Palmer was in horrible pain and couldn't go on. Jim was shot dead in battle. My heart sank. What was I going to do without Palmer? Nothing was going to prepare me for what happened next.
I heard Nicki cry, "I'm sorry! Don't kill me." A rebel had captured her. Merideth was up in a tree with the guns. I froze, I knew we had to get to the plane. That would be our only chance of surviving. I ran toward a bush located near the rebel that had Nicki in his arms. When I got there, I shot toward the rebel. With a boom he was on the ground, lifeless. Nicki ran toward me with the, you could have hit me, face. Merideth then appears.
"We need to get to the plane," she mumbled, still out of breath from running. She hands me and Nicki a gun as we run toward the plane. As we go to hop on, so close to escaping, three gunshots, three people, Bam, Bam, Bam. That was the end of us.

I recommend this book to people who like action and thrilling books. This book is great for teens who like to have characters their age going through suspense and some fighting.
The book, If We Survive, is a very action packed book. The book is intense and will not let you quit reading. The adventure of the teenagers is so interesting.
My favorite part was when everybody barely made it to the
plane alive. As they fly away in victory they radio in America to notify them that they survived.
My least favorite part was when they got caught by Mendoza
for the second time because I thought it was boring. I
thought it was too much like the first time.
-Will, Merideth, Nicki, Pastor Ron, and Jim are going on a mission trip for the local church.
- While waiting to leave, they and their transportation, Palmer, get captured by rebels.
-They are about ready to leave to go back
to America when this happens.
- They are from California.
- Coasta Verdez is in a government
They realized something was wrong when the rebels killed the first person, a waiter at the cantina.
A team of church teenagers and a pastor go on a mission trip to a poor country, Coasta Verdez, that has gone terribly wrong. They went there to rebuild a school that has been destroyed by a volcano, but ended up in the middle of a government crisis. The story takes you through the team trying to escape the government to get back home. The team goes through dangerous places of the country swept by the revolution. With the streets and forests surrounded by the gunman, the team must find a way out. With the help of local villagers the team escapes with what seems to be the impossible by working together and learning to understand eachother.
The ending to this book is non-traditional.

This is because you do not find out how the characters live their life after the horrific experience. You do not know how their families reacted to the tragedy.

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