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Corporate Culture & Email Etiquette

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Jen Shinn

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Corporate Culture & Email Etiquette

Email Etiquette MedBridge Corporate Culture Outlook Tools & Tips
Managing the Mountains of Email
Achieving the Paperless Office
Getting the Most from Adobe
Excel: Managing Data Is email the best communication? Email is a Problem! We get TONS of emails every day! The RIGHT reasons to email To inform the recipient (a response isn't needed) Corporate Culture at MedBridge Dear MedBridge Team,
When you're sending email, it's usually best to try to keep things brief and to the point as much as possible. If you ramble on an on, often the recipient will delay their response, simply because they don't take the time to respond right away - your email overwhelms them!
It's also a good idea to use bullet points for the main action items or points of the email. This makes it much easier to read your email at a glance, and will likely result in a quicker reply because it's simply easier to read.
Be sure your main point isn't buried in the email. Make it early in the email.
JP Dear MedBridge Team,

Here are some tips on keeping your emails brief and to the point:

Make your main point early in the email
Use bullet points
Explain things clearly in as few words as possible
Write your email to be readable at a glance

JP Email Etiquette Coming Soon Before you hit send ... Email
Etiquette You need an immediate response People expect instant response Email is only one form of communication A decision can be made with minimal back & forth You need a traceable record communication was made Are there other reasons? To "wash our hands" of a topic The person you're emailing is a busy person The person you're emailing is in another location "They emailed me first!" The WRONG (but often used) reasons to email It can be difficult to communicate tone Potentially less disruptive to the recipient than a phone call 1. Relevant subject
2. Single subject per email
3. Be courteous
4. Utilize spell chek
5. Consider Tone
6. Avoid "thanks" replies
7. Brief & to the point
8. ALL CAPS = digital shouting
9. Know when to use To/CC/BCC
10. Reply all An email should be able to be dragged into your Outlook Calendar to create a meeting, and the subject used as the appointment title

It's better to send two quick emails in succession than group unrelated subjects.

This allows you to clearly indicate a good subject line addressing the one topic of the email.

This gives the sender the chance to utilize sorting and categorizing to manage
It creates another email for the recipient to process

Should they then respond with "Your welcome"?

IF it is necessary to thank someone, write a quick sentence: "Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I really appreciate your effort." Sometimes "Thanks" isn't necessary To: When the information is directed to the recipient
The recipient needs to take an action or a reply is expected CC Before you use CC, make sure the recipient would understand why they are being copied!
Use CC to keep people in the loop (as an FYI)
Do NOT use CC if the person needs to take an action
Do NOT use CC to play office politics BCC Never use BCC to "e-tattle" on someone or report to their supervisor
The only good reason to use BCC is to include someone without giving up their email address to the other recipients (as in emailing a large group of clients) Read the email! (check for tone, wordiness, spell check) Is this email necessary?
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