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Dow Corning and Breast Implants: Dealing with Perception of Deception

PR Class

Shannon Lynch

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Dow Corning and Breast Implants: Dealing with Perception of Deception

Dow Corning and Breast Implants: Dealing with the Perception of Deception By Shannon Lynch
Sarah Uchmanowicz Women have been getting breast implants since 1962.
Silicone Breast implants were manufactured by Dow Corning
80% of women get implants for self esteem
20% for reconstruction after Breast cancer Fun Facts: If you get breast implants for cosmetic reasons, is your surgeon liable for possible health risks you may obtain with them? Question for you. Dow Corning helped manufacture silicone breast implants. Is one of the most visible leading companies today. PROBLEMS? Marianne Hopkins files lawsuit against Corning The surgery happened almost 2 decades from the lawsuit.
There was no testing or anything for these Devices for 14 years. They were 'grandfathered in' meaning they were not liable for lawsuit Documents surfaced in Business Week implying that implants might have been rushed without proper medical testing. Investigation for that article dated back for almost 25 years. Credibility In your opinion, who was right in this case? Hopkins? Corner? Go. YOUR TURN Media hit this subject hard, making the doctor unsympathetic to women. Not only did Hopkins win, but the perception of Corning and his 'intentions' were taken completely out of context. More lawsuits were filed. Hopkins WON After a year of trying to appease to the public and failing Corning drops out of breast manufacturing business.
Promised to spend 10 million on safety research with breast implants Corning Responds What would you have done if you were Corning?
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