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Merjem Omeragić

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of FROM GREEN TO GOLD

Here we are in Houston. Seeing many things but one the most-cars are everywhere! And that is not strange even for the other cities.Why? Every place is far away so we have to go by a car. We all already know for the air pollution caused by fossil fuels. To solve this problem we use bio fuels,but which is the cleanest and cheapest one???

During our research of bio fuel production we have discovered the great bio mass - big grass growing in our garden! We did not know we have such a valuable plant so near! It comes from Asia,grows rapidly and resistant on all climate conditions- coldness,dryness...
Once planted there is no extra job to do with it. It is not use for eating,so we don't take food from animals and people. Why it is important?? The other bio fuel which we have produced is made up of corn,mostly used a biomass.
It is food for all of us and animals too. So the usage of corn for feeding animals and humans and running their vehicles means food price will increase and already hard financial situation in many countries will become worse. To prevent that we have used this plant in our way to produce bio fuel.
We did not stop just on that,during our research how to decrease the amount of fuel, in our case bio fuel consumption, we made fuel cell from very cheap parts .
Biomass energy has been recognized as one of the most promising and most important renewable energy sources in the near future. Energetic plant is a plant grown as a low cost and low maintenance harvest used to make bio fuels, or directly exploited for its energy content (heating or electric power production). Biomass can be used to produce C-neutral fuels to power for transportation industry. Biomass fuels are C-neutral because they release recently-fixed CO2, which does not shift the C-cycle. Biomass may generate the same amount of CO2 as fossil fuels per unit C, but every time a new plant grows it removes that same CO2 from the atmosphere. The aim of this project is to solve these problems and to show to the world that Miscanthus x giganteus has the greatest potential as energy crop, and that is the secret of Miscanthus. Bad energetic situation in the world, caused by rapid decreasing of fossil fuels and global warming growing higher, results of constant air pollution during last century, has caused discover of new energent- bio fuel. First we must find the best, the cheapest way of fuel production-that is what we have done. What about fuel cells? They are not harmful for environment, they do not cause any air pollution and while working are very silent.
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