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No description

Susan Zamorski

on 12 November 2016

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Transcript of Stinky

What does the Stinky say?
"You want it, hillbilly, pick it up! pg. 401
This reveals the traits
that Stinky is ...........
fearless and rude
What does Stinky do?
Stinky burst out laughing when
Talmadge first talked. page 396
This reveals the traits that Stinky is ...........
rude and impulsive
Stinky caught his cap, pinched it
on his nose and blew. page 397
This reveals the traits that
Stinky is ........
obnoxious and thoughtless
What do others in the story say
about the Stinky?
"Stinky is going to make his
life miserable." pg. 397
This reveals the traits that
Stinky is ...........
mean and hateful
"I had forgotten when he first came from
Oklahoma the other boys had ragged
him and he turned mean and earned
the name Stinky." pg. 397
This reveals the traits that
Stinky is ...........
angry and sad
Sometimes we know the characters thoughts and can use them to determine the character traits of a character......
In the case of Stinky we cannot do this because the author does not reveal his thoughts.
In the short story, "The Valentine," by Emily Crofford, the character of Stinky is a rude, obnoxious boy who is hurtful to Talmadge.
One example of this is when Stinky first meets Talmadge.
Stinky hears Talmadge speak and laughs at his accent.
This shows that Stinky is rude.
example of how rude Stinky's character is can be shown in his words.
He yells, "You want it, hillbilly,
pick it up!"
He yells this when he steals Talmadge's hat and blows his nose in it.
This action proves that
Stinky's behavior is obnoxious.
The other characters in the story realize that Stinky is not a nice
person. This is shown when Meg says to Josie "Stinky is going to make his life miserable."
In the story
it is revealed that Stinky became mean after he was made fun of when he first came from Oklahoma.
Even though this may explain why Stinky is mean, it almost makes it worse that he is so mean.
Stinky should know how Talmadge feels and be his friend.
Character traits are descriptive adjectives that we use to describe the qualities of the characters in a story or their personalities.
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