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Nation's practices: invented traditions, commercial nationalism and spontaneous consent

This is a photographic essay on Canadian nationalism and it is the final assignment for the course SOCI 2200A Canadian Society.

Andrea Canil

on 29 November 2010

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Transcript of Nation's practices: invented traditions, commercial nationalism and spontaneous consent

Nation's practices:
invented traditions, commercial nationalism and spontaneous consent SOCI 2200A Canadian Society
Instructor: Darryl Leroux
TA: Michael Lait

Andrea Canil
Student Number: 100841407

Photographic Essay Introduction

A Nation Nation can be defined as a group of people that feel themselves bound to a specific territory, part of an historical continuum often with an unidentified origin, but in the case of Canada well defined with the creation of the Confederation in 1867, with a long future. This group also which share some common characteristics, values beliefs, practices and symbols in which they believe and identify with. In his article “invented Tradition” Hobsman in define “invented tradition” as a series of repeated practices, which objective is to help the widespread of specific values or ideas, as well as patterns of behavior or power relations; these are adopted and accepted more or less consciously by the members of a specific group. (Hobsman, 1983) Hobsman's concept can be linked with Gramsci's definition of Hegemony which is the adoption of certain values and ideas by the mass when these values and ideas are proper of the leading or upper class, an important characteristic of hegemony is the fact that these values and ideas are not adopted thought the use of force but people adopt them autonomously or in other cases through coercion. (Gramsci, 190x). Invented traditions are thus utilized to widespread the ideas and values of the nation and are also integral part of the nation building process. An example of how important invented traditions are can be find in the words of Eva Mackey when dealing with the flag debate, focusing on symbols which can be identified as a sub set of invented traditions, she state that “symbols were therefore important strategic tools in the [pan-]Canadian nationalist cause. The manipulation of symbols of nationhood was essential for the survival of the project of nation-building in Canada” (Makey,2002,56). In this Photographic essay I am going to analyze how Invented tradition, the Use of Symbols and the concept of Hegemony both by looking at how values are widespread and by looking at the spontaneous acceptance of people are manifest in the Canadian society. The format of this essay is going to be a thematic essay and it is going to be divided in three parts, the first part will be called Invented Tradition, the second part Commercial Nationalism and finally the third part is Spontaneous consent, since i think that these three dimension are entangled together and that the relation between these dimension can be presented as a flux there are going to be also three conjunction links that are made by pictures that can be placed in two categories. PART I
Invented Traditions Mosaika “Mosaika is the story of Canada – our story. A powerful narrative set against the spectacular backdrop of Parliament Hill, Mosaika takes the audience on an unforgettable journey of sound and light, as we explore Canada’s physical, historical and cultural landscapes”. (Mosaika Website, 2010). Mosaika, is an example of invented tradition, in fact this show is performed all the days of the summers from July until September and it is free, in this way it can be seen by a large number of people . It last half an hour and it show different aspect of Canadian nationalism. It is evident that the scope of this show if to spread and to make propaganda of series of values and ideas related to Canada. The Changing of the Guard “A Canadian tradition at its most colourful! The Ceremonial Guard of the Canadian Forces brings stirring military drill and music to Parliament Hill”. (Canadian Parliament Website,2010)
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