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assertiveness in nursing

No description

Hermi Schacher

on 21 April 2013

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Transcript of assertiveness in nursing

Foundation Myths and Fears Difference between men and women Differences between men and women cont... Why is it important for nurses to be assertive? What necessitates assertiveness in nursing? Hermi Schacher
Dr. Ana joy Mendez Focus:

Women will be rejected by both men and women if they are assertive
Changing to a more positive approach requires giving up familiar safe responses and confront anxiety associated with what's risky and unknown.
People fear success because it will mean challenge and change.
Women use friendship or their feminine wiles
Men use sources of power more effectively

Men can seem to make more decisions with authority and decisiveness while women will apologize or hesitate Women reveal more of themselves in conversation
Learned nonverbal behaviors
don't swear or raise your voice
touch others and be touched
don't look people in the eye when confronted
careful of appearance
Early family experiences show men as the breadwinner and women as nurturant and expressive
To pursue independent practice, the nurse must be able to define and stand up for their rights
examine sources of division within the profession
nursing leaders are needed who can support and be role models
clients are becoming more aware of their rights and needs What hinders nurses from being assertive? Factors that hinder nurses from being assertive
Factors that necessitate assertive behavior in nurses Social Factors: Nursing is primarily a female profession
Being challenged with phrases such as "You should work overtime" or "You shouldn't complain...nursing is a caring profession" Fear of being retaliated against Fear of Assertion Fear of punishment confrontation regarding their behavior can be seen as "bad"
should be seen as learning about strengths and limitations retaliation can occur if they are assertive
assertiveness is an appropriate way to state ideas, feelings, or goals Remember punishment as a child
authority figures are seen as punishers Nursing is taught as a nurturing profession
Often portrayed as a passive listener who supports, gives, and cares Nursing in Education Nursing in Education nurses are taught to be nurturant Nurses students will not be taught to be assertive if instructors don't teach them how to be. lack of support when trying to be assertive is a hindrance to nurses as individuals In the nursing profession, it is difficult to be assertive if others do not support you. One important hindrance: Not knowing what your rights as a nurse are! Shouldn't I be able to think spontaneously of the perfect assertive response in every situation?

Shouldn't I be able to be assertive without ever threatening or frustrating others?

Shouldn't I handle situations better than I do? Exercise 1 Fears that hinder your assertiveness Fear of being rejected
Fear of being too aggressive
Fear of being unfeminine
Fear of being retaliated against
Fear of being punished by authority figures Exercise 8 What previous family experiences have led you to being nonassertive?
What school experiences have led you to being nonassertive?
What fears often prevent you from being assertive?
What are some solutions you could use to deal with these unrealistic expectations?
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