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About Me By T.H.

Twenty Facts About Me...... Enjoy!

Trina H

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of About Me By T.H.

20 things about me! Facts about me Even though I'm not good at it... 1.I like playing basket ball 3.I don't like spiders Most songs gets stuck to my head 2.I like listening to music It's so fun to watch :) 4.Anime rocks! Not at all,They look so scary and creepy Like this: Let me think more about me..... Ah now i have some A lot 5.I love sleeping Ah! I forgot this is me. 6. I love eating Im usually picky though I wish food are this cute >.< 7.I dont like math Its hard I'm in the middle.... 8.I have sisters The little one The big one on the left 9.I'm a morning person I wake up by myself I wish i have this alarm clock like going mall and stuff 10. I like hanging out with my friends I'm Half Way Done :) until now i still draw stick people. 11.Im not good at drawing 12.I have moved 8 schools in my life.. Or so I think for my age I am I think. 13.Im short. 14.I'm a bad cook couldn't even cook an egg 15. I'm in love with dogs! I used too have a dog named sniper :( My dream dog.. so cute >.< 16. I love teddy bears seems childish but can't help it there so cute! especially if it's a catchy song 17.I like dancing to random music 18. I don't like doing chores Especially washing the dishes I'm really crazy, ask my friends 19.I'm shy at first but when you know me My all time favorites are.... 20.I love Movies! Last but not the least......... Finding Nemo And Sherlock homes! Yeah I'm done! Thanks for reading :) I'm this good at drawing! Joke I'm not This is the real drawing Kidding! this is the real one :)
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