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Email Etiquette

No description

Jim Roe

on 25 July 2011

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Transcript of Email Etiquette

Email Etiquette Tips for better email communication Remember, your school email is filtered for inappropriate language and conversation.
Never write anything to another person that you wouldn’t say out loud at school.
Never send threatening emails Always fill in the Subject line. Spamming is when unwanted emails are sent to large numbers of people
Do not reply to all unless you want all to read your reply.
If you do have to share an email with a large list of persons, use the BCC. This will hide everyone else’s email address and help prevent spamming. You can see facial expressions
Be careful what you write in emails
You can’t see facial expressions in an email Face to Face Conversation USING ALL CAPITAL LETTERS IN AN EMAIL IS LIKE SHOUTING. IT IS ALSO HARDER TO READ.
using all lower case letters is just lazy.
Use standard sentence case.
Never Use
ALL CAPITAL LETTERS Don't write what you wouldn't say in school! Threatening through email is just like threatening in person.
Never threaten someone, even jokingly.
Disciplinary action will be taken if a student threatens others online.
Everyone receives a large amount of email
Always include a subject line so the recipient of the email knows what the message is about.
It is a good practice not to open email without a subject line.
SUBJECT: You are invited to a party Do not engage in spamming Change your email password and do not share it with anyone else
You are responsible for email content sent from your account
Never give out personal information over email
Do not open email from persons or companies you do not know
Email Safety Tips Use it wisely
Be courteous
Be safe
Do not abuse the privilege
Email is a fun and useful tool
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