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Floral Design


Madison Jorgensen

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of Floral Design

By: Madison Jorgensen and Ella Shargorodskiy History of Floral Design: Japanese History of Japan Japanese design has the most complex history. There are a variety of styles and elements. The style, Ikebana, means, “arrangement of living plant materials.” This focused on the refinement of art and ritual flower use by Japanese Buddhists, also become widely used in worldly and religious art. Throughout History... Many Japanese designs are characterized by their linear forms. Straight, curved, or angular lines of flowers and foliage balance the bold open spaces between the plant material. Containers/Vases: If the vase has one single character, or a construct of two characters that have a semi-complicated detail (meaning, a lot of brush strokes), it is reasonable to assume the vase is relatively new, as opposed to an antique, and the characters will easily be found in a dictionary. Ikebana Flowers: Asakura: Dream Most Recognized: Principles of this design is the "heaven", "earth", and "man". (All placements of material) "Shin-Soe-Tai" Heaven: known as the subject (Shin) Filler: Flowers Man: secondary (Soe) Earth: as the object (Tai) Vase Examples: Anemone: Wind Lotus Tree Paeony Morning Glory Foliage: Thuja tree Spice brush Miscanthus sinensis, Maiden Grass Blueberry Foliage Earth Fillers Man (Secondary) Heaven Earth Man (Secondary) Heaven Fillers Earth Fillers Man (Secondary) Heaven Japanese use flowers in traditional ceremonies. Including on the head/in a females hair. Also in clothing patterns.
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