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The Outsiders Timeline

Important events

Carmen S.

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of The Outsiders Timeline

By Carmen Sanchez and Catie Peltier Ponyboy gets Jumped The Drive-In Darry hits Ponyboy The Fight at the Park Ponyboy and Johnny don't know what to do. They think Dally can help them, so they go to Buck's house to find him. Dally gives them $50 and a gun. He gives them directions to an old Church in Windrixville where they can hide from the police. On his way home from the movie
theater, a car comes up to Ponyboy and five Socs come out. The Socs start beating him up. Then Ponyboy's brothers, Darry and Sodapop, and the rest of the gang come and chase off the Socs. Ponyboy, Dally, and Johnny go to
the drive-in movies. They meet a
girl named Cherry and her friend,
Marcia. Dally gets mad because
Johnny tells him to stop bothering
Cherry. Cherry and Marcia invite
Johnny and Ponyboy to sit with them for the rest of the movie so that they can "protect" the girls. Ponyboy doesn't get home until late. Darry gets angry and slaps Ponyboy. Ponyboy has never been hit before, so he ran off. Ponyboy found Johnny and told him that they were going to run away, but they decided to go to the park to cool off before they did anything crazy. While Ponyboy and Johnny are at the park, the Socs approach them. Two of the socs are Bob and Randy, who were Cherry and Marcia's boyfriends. They were mad at Ponyboy and Johnny for "picking up" their girlfriends. The socs start insulting Greasers and in anger, Ponyboy spits at them. The socs get mad and they try to drown Ponyboy in the fountain. Ponyboy passes out, and when he wakes up, he realizes that all the socs are gone and Bob is dead. Johnny stabbed Bob because he was hurting Ponyboy. Dally Gives the Boys Money and a Gun The Outsiders Timeline Character Descriptions Dally comes to visit the boys. He takes them out for lunch. When they return, they find the church on fire. There were adults in panic, saying that some children were missing and that they were in the church. Ponyboy and Johnny go into the burning church to try and save the children. After the last child they saved, the church roof collapses and crushes Johnny. They go to the Hospital Ponyboy finds out that Dally will be okay. He also finds out that Johnny isn't very well. Sodapop and Darry come to the hospital to see Ponyboy. Sodapop and Ponyboy hug. Then, Ponyboy sees Darry crying. Ponyboy realized that Darry really cared about him; that was the reason he was hard on Ponyboy. All Ponyboy's anger went away and he and Darry hugged. Randy and Ponyboy Talk Randy tells Ponyboy that he was not going to fight in the rumble. He also tells him more about Bob, who was his best friend. This is when Ponyboy realizes that Randy wasn't just a Soc; he was a person too. He realizes that everyone has problems too. The Rumble The rumble was a fight between the Socs and the Greasers. If the Socs won, everything would stay the same. If the Greasers won, the Socs would have to stay out of their territory. The Greasers ended up winning the fight, because the Socs ran away. Johnny Dies After the rumble, Ponyboy and Dally visit Johnny in the hospital to tell him that they won the rumble. When they got there, the doctor tells them that Johnny is dying. Once they get to his room and tell him that they won, Johnny tells them that fighting is no good. He also tells Ponyboy to "Stay Gold.". Then Johnny dies. Dally Dies After Johnny dies, Dally gets very upset. Johnny was the only thing he loved. He stormed out of the hospital. When Ponyboy gets home, Dally calls and says that he just robbed a store, and the police are after him. The police catch up with Dally, and then the gang arrives. Dally points his gun at the police. The police shoot him and Dally dies. Everyone knew that he wanted to die because Johnny was gone. Ponyboy Finds Johnny's Letter After Johnny died, the nurse gave Ponyboy the copy of "Gone With the Wind" that Johnny wanted him to have. When he finally feels like he is ready to read it, he picks it up, and a letter falls out. The letter was from Johnny; saying that Johnny didn't mind dying because it was worth saving those kids. After reading the letter, Ponyboy knew what to write about for the theme his teacher assigned to him. Ponyboy - Youngest of the Curtis brothers, creative, caring, likes to read, likes sunsets. Johnny - abused by his parents, shy, "little brother" of the gang Darry - the oldest of the Curtis brothers, serious, strict, caring. Sodapop - 2nd oldest of the Curtis brothers, fun, loving, dropout. Dally - Independant, tough (when he wants to be), but also caring. Two-Bit - Funny, outgoing, about 6 feet tall, talks a lot Steve - Sodapop's bestfriend The Church Catches on Fire
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