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Mi-sun Kim

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Wine

Think about the dish or meal as a whole Wine To Drink what you want True Rules to get started pairing Wine & Food Red wine must be kept in dark coloured bottles Sparkling wine is called Champagne. Wine gets better with age False False Wine with a cork is better quality than wine with a screw cap. False The bottle with a deep groove in the bottom indicates the best quality wine. Corked wine being stored for long periods should be placed lying down and in a dark room. False True It takes about 7-8 bunches of grapes
to make one bottle of wine. True White wine can only be made from green grapes. False What percentage of wine is water?

• 70-75%
• 75-80%
• 80-85%
• 85-90% What country has the largest area of land dedicated to vineyards?

• Spain
• Italy
• Australia
• France Who wrote, “Wine is bottled poetry”?

• Ernest Hemingway
• Robert Louis Stevenson
• Benjamin Franklin
• Lord Byron California produces 89% of all American wine. What state is in second place in terms of overall wine production?

• Washington
• New York
• Oregon
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