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Holocaust Symbolism

No description

Keith Krafzcyk

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Holocaust Symbolism

Items that have meaning in the Holocaust. Holocaust Symbolism The First Bloody Stuggle The Cattle Car Symbol of Evil Swastika The only thins given to the Jews besides beatings and death. Soup and Bread Death Skull + Crossbones The Cattle Cars were the first mode of transport for the freshly deported Jews. The Swastika was the Nazi symbol. For the Jews, it meant certain doom. This was all of the food they had. Dirty water, stale bread, and soup that had no nutritional value whatsoever. Every place in the concentration camps had the smell, the essence, and the SIGN of death. Zyclon-B Gas Chambers This video should explain it. Even now, you can feel the death....... "Hail Hitler!", said the Nazis. Hitler This is one of the speeches Hitler Gave to his people. No wonder they went along with his Jew Genocide scheme! Yellow Star of David The Jews were told to put this on their clothes so they were easily recognizable to the Nazis. What they didn't know was that the Nazis used the star to find them in plain sight. lab tables Lab tables were Death Machines for the children and adults whose bodies were dissected and experimented on. Enough Said... Auschwitz Auschwitz was one of the only concentration camps left undestroyed. You can feel the death in the ruins and memorials.
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