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sterrendom en gender: faye wong, anita mui

No description

Jeroen Groenewegen

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of sterrendom en gender: faye wong, anita mui

identiteit ecologie etniciteit Chineesheid Hong Kongheid
authenticiteit gender individueel
evolutie symbiose netwerk selectie
hybriditeit adaptatie rebellie symbolisch kapitaal veld rock mythologie tan dun sa dingding return to innocence a mei teng ge'er song zuying leslie cheung leslie cheung faye wong anita mui beijing band scene queen sea big shark cui jian andy lau Super Girl covers anita mui leon lai Japan het Westen "the choices made as to which elements to borrow, modify, or reject are also a manifestation of local and national cultural preferences" (Witzleben 242) "he clearly fits the Western model of a popular musician who makes Serious Artistic and Social Statements worthy of serious analysis" (Witzleben 243) "Anita Mui is unquestionably in control of her own destiny" (Witzleben 248) "popular music creates alternative universes, echoey soundscapes allowing the listener to drift outside the often-stressful realities of everyday life. ... a fantastic world of superhumans" (Witzleben 245) "in the 1995 concert video, Anita Mui is by turns sultry, athletic, elegant and vulnerable. ... Which, if any, of these versions of Mui is the 'real' one?" (Witzleben 254) "Even though at the peak of her career Anita Mui implicitly subverted gender roles and at times deviated from commercial conventions of the local industry, Faye Wong explicitly challenges these norms as part of her public persona." (Fung & Curtis 266) "Faye ultimately becomes conscious that her rising status allowed her to reclaim some control over her music and public persona." (Fung & Curtis 270) "young women seeking lifestyle alternatives and fantasizing about gender relations outside the well-worn conventions of the pop music industry" (Fung & Curtis 274) "the image of a desiring, adventurous and provocative Faye is acceptable because she remains committed to a romantic vision of love and famility" (Fung & Curtis 283) A set of narratives which produce rock as a distinct music world that is, first and foremost, authentic, but also subcultural, masculine, rebellious and (counter) political. sterrensysteem faye wong? zhang yadong susie au a zing chris lee chris lee
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