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It's Not Rocket Science!

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Krishna Gutta

on 10 September 2015

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Transcript of It's Not Rocket Science!

How a Rocket takes off!
The First Step
The Burning Process
The Final Phase
The fuel is then transported to the nozzle of the rocket and then to the main pair of rocket boosters where it is used to finnaly lift off. The countdown then starts for the big launch into the intergalactic world!
The rocket burns the liquid gas which creates the force which is used for it to lift off the ground
It's Not Rocket Science!
This flow chart will introduce you to the main elements for a space rocket to launch into space. This (Prezi)tation will include some fun facts and lots of rocket fun! I hope you enjoy!
To take-off a space rocket has to send the liquid fuel to the combustion chamber. The cumbustion chamber then pocesses the fuel and calculates how much fuel is needed to lift off and how much fuel is needed after lift off.
Flow Chart
By Krishna Gutta
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