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Chinese Language & Culture Class

No description

Kris Xia

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of Chinese Language & Culture Class

Learn a new Language Part One : Mandarin Chinese

Part Two : Chinese Culture Question Time --- Thank you for your questions
and suggestions

We will improve our class next time teach by Kris Xia
Laura Teng China-Chinese Part One: Mandarin Chinese - Introduction to Mandarin Chinese

- Pinyin (romanization) & Tone

- Essential Chinese phrases and dialogues

- Fun time Part Two : Chinese Culture Thank you for you giving us
your precious time
to take this class. Introduction - language family
- Local name for Mandarin
- Written Chinese
- Pinyin Romanization Pinyin Romanization - 4 Tones
- 37 sounds 4 Tones - High ā
- Rising á
- Falling and Rising à + á
- Falling à similar like phonetic alphabet
- Hear the language spoken by native speakers in everyday situations.
- Anticipate the answers of questions to truly engage in your mind during the learning process.
- Focus on core function words & phrases used in everyday conversation.
- Practice for only 30 mins a day, even if you have a break throughout a day such as commuting to work, having a lunch, taking a shower. Sum it up: 4 tips for learning a new language - Practicing the Four Tones
All Tones First Second Third Fourth 21 Consonants + 16 vowels > 400 mono-syllabic sounds Pinyin & Tone Black Tea (Red Tea)

Green Tea

Jasmine Tea

Oolong Tea (Wulong Tea) Chinese Tea Culture Martial Arts Peking Opera Lantern Phoenix Dragon Gift Giving Wine & Dine Guests Guests


Wine & Dine

Gift Giving Etiquette & Protocol Cheongsam ( Chipao) Dragon
Chinese Lantern
Cheongsam ( Chipao)
Peking Opera
Martial Arts Chinese Symbols Seating Basic Phrases
Dialogue FUN TIME Pinyin spell
sound hao good Remember _ Chinese Character has 1 syllable

- Pinyin is not English jia li jelly
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