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Lydia H.

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

By : Lydia Hohlowski
Mr O'Reilly A3 Inventions we couldn't live
without Gunpowder Compass Pasta Invented in 5000 BC
A lot of foods contain pasta and without pasta we
wouldn't have a variety of foods that contained
wheat. It can be stored longer than bread because bread will mold in a shorter period. Paper Invented in 105 AD
It would enable us to communicate differently, and help information be transported throughout the country, as in mail and books.
Wheelbarrow Invented in 100 BC
The wheelbarrow made it easier to transport crops or heavy loads by a single man/woman. Wheelbarrows combined the wheel with a bucket to ease transport. Invented Before 1044 Many early weapons used gunpowder to propel objects. Armies that had this technology had an advantage over those who didn't. Invented 400 BC
Before the compass people used
stars to navigate! Which made it
so that you could only travel at night!

Seismograph Invented in 132 AD
Without the seismograph we wouldn't have any warning before an earthquake happened and it would leave us un-prepared. Alcohol Invented in 7000 BC
Alcohol made many people happy and opened up a whole industry for new jobs. We wouldn't have bars without it. Kites Invented in 400 BC
Before children used kites as toys they were used to deliver things. Also used for fishing! Hang Gliders Invented in 400 BC
Without hang gliders emperors wouldn't have been able to punish intruders. Nowadays people use them for hobbies and a fun activity! Silk Invented in 2700 BC
Chinese silk was wanted all over the world. Trade routes were opened up from China to many other countries which promoted a large trading industry.
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