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Emerystein :)

No description

Nicole Inaba

on 27 September 2014

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Transcript of Emerystein :)

Emerystein was very very sad. The grief of loss was almost unbearable, and he bawled tears of mysterious liquid. Suddenly, a group of fat, stumpy trees stampeded toward him. "It's ok! I'll comfort you!" shouted the soft-hearted trees.
Ally Adams
Nicole Inaba
7th period
Once upon a time, there
lived two mad scientists
named Ally and Nicole.
One day, despite the harsh thunderstorm, the two
were busily creating

by roasting some shoes.
The glowing fire furiously flickered and danced making random unshapely forms against the outer wall of the laboratory. Unluckily, the
thermal energy
ended up scorching Nicole's sleeve and flesh.
"Ok, that's it! I am
done cooking these shoes! You need to find someone else to do it!" Nicole exclaimed to Ally.
So then the makings of
Emerystein began. To keep a long-living and energetic automation, Ally and Nicole decided they need to use
nuclear energy
to bring it to life by inserting a mini nuclear power plant inside it.
Finally, the fo
rmation of the

mechanical being

was complete.

"It's alive! IT'S

ALIVE!" the

two cackled as Eme
dramatically got to


metallic feet. "Ok,
you can go

roast some shoes now,
" said

That was when a brilliant idea sprouted in Ally's mind. " I've got it! We can get that smart dude's brain and make not a smart Frankenstein but........

Soon, Ally and Nicole discovered that making him was the best idea they had ever came up with, for Emerystein had cooked up 1999 of the 2000 shoes they owned. Unfortunately, the jolly scientists weren't aware of the fact that all of the roasted shoes were eaten by Emerystein and the last shoe was hidden by Emerystein to be eaten later.
i cant zoom more
Out of the blue, Gangnam Style blasted out from invisible speakers, and Emerystein started to wildly dance along to the music. As Emerystein was mastering the horse dance, both the music and Emerystein converted most of their
potential energy
kinetic energy
As tired as he was, Emerystein moved on to the nerd dance when he overestimated the suspenders and stretched it too far. The

was too great, and the suspenders break off slapping Emerystein on the back.
They had heard the poor fellow crying and wanted to help, but the weather was still dark and treacherous with
electrical energy

everywhere. The lightning had spotted the trees and electrocuted them.
The trees' ashes were sprinkled on to the depressed mechanism's head, and limes began to grow out of it! Emerystein was outraged! He detested limes, for he believed that limes were nothing more than disfigured lemons and the lowest of all citruses.
The thought of having limes on his head was intolerable, so he ripped them out, and the poor limes were sent to the ground with a thunderous boom. Due to the

Law of Conservation of Energy
, it resulted in a series of shakes and rumbles from deep within the Earth.
Emerystein no longer felt the need to be a drama queen (or a drama monster in this case) about his broken suspenders and decided to eat his last shoe. Instead of using the fire, he chose
radiant energy
, microwave. Apparently, the shoe was undercooked, and we all know what happens when an Emerystein eats undercooked shoes.
The End!
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