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doctor who

tori and rowan

Rowan Grettenberg

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of doctor who

The Doctor The Doctor comes from somewhere else. He has a Blue Box called the Tardis that is bigger on the inside and can travel anywhere in space and time. He saves worlds and civilizations. He fights battles on earth but no one ever sees him. No one ever knows he's there. But he is there, and he will protect us. Sometimes people run away with him, and they have been running ever since. Doctor Who is a very old TV show that began in 1963 and continued all the way until 1989, then started back up in 2005. It is on the British Broadcasting Program that came to America soon after it first aired in the UK. It's about the Doctor, Doctor Who. It is a show we both love, and, if you watch it, we really hope you enjoy. Timelords Timelords could travel through time and space, like gods. They once were judges of the cosmos, looking over all and delivering justice. If a Timelord died, he could regenerate, changing his face, personality, everything. Keeping nothing but his Tardis and his memories. The Doctor must endure, for he is the last of the Timelords. Galifrey Time Vortex Time War The Timelords worst ememies were the Daleks. They fought an endless war called the Time War. The Doctor fought in the Time War, in the front line, and the time came when he could end it all, destroy the Daleks. But then the Timelords would be destroyed as well, all of them. All but him, and he did it. He ended the Time War, and he can never go back. Galifrey is the Planet of the Timelords, where they watched over the Cosmos. Galifrey burned in the Time War, and The Doctor has been running ever since. The last of the Timelords, and the Last Tardis. The Tardis travels through the Time Vortex. It is a stream, a intangible river, the whole of creation, every moment that ever was and will be, every choice and every world in the entire Cosmos. When Timelords are eight, they are taken to look inside the Vortex. Some grow wise, others stay the same, some are afraid. Some go mad. And, after they look, a Timelord has the knowledge of the Time Vortex running through their mind evermore. The Tardis Inside The TARDIS TARDIS
stands for:
Time And Relative Dimension In Space This piece is called the Time Manipulator. It is what allows the TARDIS to travel through the Time Vortex. It makes a certain noise when it leaves and lands because the Doctor always forgets to turn the brakes off. TARDISES used to grow on Galifrey. They are alive, with the heart of the TARDIS deep within. No one without a TARDIS key can get inside of it, unless they are the Doctor, or another Timelord. These are the recent Doctors from the Doctor Who series that started in 2005. The 9th Doctor The 9th Doctor appears in the 1st series, but regenerates at the end and thus leaves the show. He is played by Christopher Eccleston. The 10th Doctor This is our favorite Doctor. He stays for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th series. He is played by David Tennant. The 11th Doctor stays from series 5 to 6, though he may continue in series 7. He is played by Matt Smith. The 11th Doctor TARDIS Control
Circle This is the TARDIS Control Circle, where you can operate the TARDIS. Only a Timelord can really drive the TARDIS, though some can help. Inside the TARDIS there is a device called a Chameleon Arch. In an emergency, it can completely overwrite every cell in a Timelords body and change them into a human. Their Timelord consciousness will live inside a watch, and they will have a new life story planted inside their head, a new identity until they reopen the watch. The TARDIS has many rooms and passageways that go on forever, with libraries and bedrooms and pools, anything and everything you could ever need. Companions Rose Tyler Series 1-2 Martha Jones Series 3 Donna Noble Series 4 Amy Pond Series 5-6 Doctor Who THE DALEKS This is a Dalek. They are the Timelords worst enemies, cruel and with out feeling. This form is a shell concealing their body, staying safe in battle. At the height of the Dalek Empire, they were the only ones with the technology to open a TARDIS by force. The Doctor had once believed they were all destroyed, but he soon found out that some escaped. No Timelords, but Daleks leaked out, and perhaps it was all for nothing.
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