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Marlboro College

Marlboro College offers a student-centered approach to education that is structurally and culturally different from other colleges. Unfettered by generic course requirements, each student works with their faculty adviser to choose an individualized course

Kristen Tabor

on 29 April 2011

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Transcript of Marlboro College

Marlboro College Established in 1946!
Total enrollment 330
Average class size 10 students
Range SAT Verbal 440-800
Range SAT Math 400-800
TPR Projected Range SAT Writing 470-800 300 acres of wooded and open hillside The organic farm at Marlboro College provides members of the community an opportunity to learn about vegetable gardening and reap the benefits. Located just south of the Persons' parking lot, the farm includes about 5,000 square feet of terraced gardens on a nice south-facing slope. A large compost bin breaks down all the food and paper waste from the dining hall into rich garden soil. Plans are underway for a solar-heated greenhouse, to provide for more year-round production. Students and community members are encouraged to take part in farming activities in the spring and fall, including planting, weeding, landscaping and harvesting on a regular basis as well as on "work days." Farm managers stay through the summer to keep the garden growing. Why go to Marlboro? Costs and Financial Aid

Annual tuition: $33,900
Annual Room and Board: $10,640
Percentage of students receiving financial aid:80 “A mere sapling in the groves of academe ... [Marlboro has emerged] among the most highly recommended small colleges in almost every guidebook.”
The Associated Press “You will find the Marlboro adventure far more intense and intellectually demanding than Harvard, any other Ivy or Ivy clone. There is simply no comparison.”

Loren Pope, former education editor for the New York Times, in the 2006 edition of Colleges that Change Lives: 40 Schools that Will Change the Way You Think About Colleges There are many fun exiting things to do at marlboro! Marlboro college is a real place to explore your interests! Come checkout there website to learn more about their programs. www.marlboro.edu Rio Grande Trip Joshua Tree Trip Indoor Rock Climbing Southwest Trip Commencement 2009 Violin Lessons Residential Buildings Community Buildings Academic Buildings To apply several things are needed.

50$ entry fee

2 Recomendations, one must be from a
teacher who knows you well, the other
may be from another adult who you know well

Analytical writing sample-must reflect your current analitical skills.

Give your Secondary School Report form to your high school counselor and ask that your transcripts be sent to Marlboro College

If you are a transfer student an Interview is required.

Test scores are optional for all applicants
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