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FIN 340 Alpine Wear

Final Presentation

Isaac Moller

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of FIN 340 Alpine Wear

Team Members

Rachel Leo
Isaac Rivera
Duncan Tweed
Garrett Pierce Capital Assets Pallet jack

Computer equipment

Desks $300


$900 External Financial Needs September, 2000 Projected Sales Alpine
Wear Timing of Cash Inflow vs. Cash Outflow Sensitivity Analysis with 20% Decrease In Sales Key Assumptions *Alpine Wear operates seven days a week.

*Sales are made at a constant rate through the month 1/31

*Collection rate: 25 percent, 65 percent and 10 percent breakdown
- Discount purchasers take the whole 10 days to pay
- On time purchasers wait the full 30 days to pay

*50% of labor and general and admin expenses are paid on the 1st
and the rest on the 15th

*Alpine wear target cash balance is $300,000 Summary of Monthly Cash Budget Using a 25-65-10 Pattern Using a 20-30-50 Pattern Sensitivity Analysis with 50% Decrease In Sales 6 Month Long Term Borrowing = $1.5 Million In Case of Emergency Credit Line = $400,000 20 % Decrease In Sales = $2.1 Million
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