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UCEAP Application Tutorial

This tutorial will help you through the UCEAP application process

UC Riverside Study Abroad

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of UCEAP Application Tutorial

UC Riverside- UCEAP
Application Tutorial

What should you be expecting in this tutorial?
Clear and concise instructions will be provided for the application components, as well as an explanation of the general UCEAP requirements.
General Requirements
Be a registered and enrolled student every quarter prior to departure
Transfer Students: Participation is dependent on your acceptance to UC Riverside
Remain in good academic standing & maintain GPA & language requirements every quarter prior to departure
UCEAP requires that ALL students exhibit social and cross-cultural sensitivity
Each program has specific eligibility requirements. These requirements can be found by clicking the "Eligibility" tab on the program page.
Program Requirements
Class standing
- you must meet the unit requirement for your program at the time of departure.
Cumulative and Language GPA
- you must meet the cumulative and/or language GPA at the time of application.
Language and Other Course Pre-Requisites
- (if applicable) Some programs may require completion of specific courses prior to departure. Example: South Africa participants must complete a course related to African studies prior to departure. See program requirements for more information.
UCEAP Requirements
Application Checklist
The numbered items listed in the top sections are required for a complete application.
To begin an application, create a username and password at MyEAP.
Once you select a country and program, you can access the specific application instructions.
The Campus specific instructions list all possible documents needed. You can get help with necessary documentation by clicking the instruction for each item individually. Remember - you only need to complete the items listed by number on the top section of your instruction page.
Academic items that require assistance should be done FIRST. This includes:
Academic Planning Form
Pre-Departmental Approval to extend (if applicable)
Letters of recommendation
Name on application MUST match the name on your passport

Personal Info
When completing the Contact information you must use your local Riverside address to complete "Attending UC Address" section. You must also use your R'Mail address.
Contact Info
On the Academic Info section, you must:
List courses for all terms from the time of application to departure.
Total units earned must match those on your transcript.
Academic Info
Online Application
Once you have completed the application:
click "Submit"
Click "Printable Version" to print your online application. We will not accept any applications that are not in this format.
Sign and date the last page of the application.
UCEAP Application Essay and
Letters of Recommendation
Research your host country and its culture
List your name/country/program on each page
Follow the prompt and proofread
The UCEAP Application Essay is not required for all programs. Check in the application requirements section of your program to see if it is needed.
Letters of Recommendation
Not required of all UCEAP applicants, check your program checklist to see if it pertains to you.
Give instructors at least two weeks to write your letters.
Should be current and relevant to your study abroad plan.
Academic Planning Form
All applicants are required to complete this preliminary academic plan. It is subject to change due to fluctuating course offerings at your host institution.
This document is a plan of what courses you intend to take abroad. Meet with your academic adviser(s) to discuss which courses you should take abroad for your major/minor. PLEASE BE SURE TO FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS PROVIDED WITH THE ACADEMIC PLANNING FORM!
Allow for 3-4 working days for each signature.
If you are not declared yet, you must get this form signed by the department in which you intend to declare.
Departmental Pre-Approval to Extend (DPA)
If the DPA is required for your program, you will only turn it in if you are considering extending.
This form does not obligate you to extend. You can decide whether or not you want to extend once you are abroad.
Difficulties will arise if you elect "no" on this form, and then change your mind once you are abroad. Due to complications with visas, financial aid, academic approval, etc., it may NOT be possible for you to extend if you did not mark "yes" on this form.
NOT Required for all Programs.
Refer to your checklist to see if this pertains to your program
Passport Copies
A clear and legible copy of your valid, signed passport is required with your application.
Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months past the end date of your program.
If you do not have a valid passport at the time that you submit your EAP application, you must submit the order receipt that you received from the post office when you applied for your passport/renewal. As soon as your passport is delivered to you, you must sign it, copy it, and submit it to our office. Failure to do this may result in withdrawal from the EAP program.
No Passport?
If you DO NOT have a passport, you must apply for one. Start by researching what documents are required for the passport application, and apply through a U.S. post office or at the ARC.
Need to Renew?
Renewing your passport: If your passport will expire prior to 6 months (for Russia, it is 9 months) past the end date for your program, then you must renew your passport.
Students with Disabilities
If you receive ANY assistance at UC Riverside, you may be able to receive it abroad as well! Speak to your SDC and to your UCEAP Program Coordinator EARLY to coordinate your needs with your UCEAP program. If you do not request accommodations early enough in advance, you may not be able to receive assistance abroad. Contact your advisers today.
Student Disability Center:

Program Deadlines and Acceptances
Acceptance Policy
UCEAP accepts qualified students on a first-come, first-served basis within the Application Period.
Submitting Your Application
Please bring all of your application materials to the Study Abroad Office. All items must be attached to your complete application. A student services team member will review your application upon check in. Be aware that this may take some time, so do not expect to just "drop it off."
When You Will Receive Notification
You can expect to hear from the UC Riverside Study Abroad Office and UCEAP Student Services team via email approximately a month after the application deadline.
Our UCEAP Student Services team is available at the UC Study Abroad Office Mondays-Fridays from 8am-5pm or at
Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We're here to help.
Welcome to the UC Riverside-UCEAP Application tutorial. Now that you're thinking about studying with UCEAP, the University of California Education Abroad Program, here is a quick, painless tutorial to get you started with the application process.

For questions regarding these requirements please contact the Study Abroad team at eapucr@ucr.edu
Some UCEAP applications require an Essay / Statement of Purpose or Letters of Recommendation. If this is required for your application, it will be listed on the numbered top section of your instruction page.
The application essay/statement of purpose is used to evaluate your educational, professional and personal goals for studying abroad on UCEAP. Your statement should be thoroughly researched with regard to your host countries culture and details of your particular UCEAP program. Follow the guidelines below as well as any instructions in your checklist in regard to your statement
Letters of recommendation must be written by faculty or TAs with whom you have worked in an academic capacity (classroom, lab, discussion sections, etc.), at UC Riverside or a previous university or college. You may not submit work references. When requesting letters, be courteous of faculty workloads and allow ample time for them to write and deliver your letter. We suggest you allow at least 2 weeks for letters to be written. We also recommend that you arrange to pick up your letters in person to ensure you meet the deadline with a complete application. If faculty prefer to deliver your letter directly to our office, please ask them to make sure that we will receive your letter by the deadline. Letters should be written on the letter of recommendation form, or official departmental letterhead.
Must be on the Letter of Recommendation Form OR on official university letterhead (can be letterhead from a university other than UCR, unless otherwise specified on your application checklist.)
Make the appropriate number of copies as assigned by your application checklist
Visit the calendar tab on
to view each program's filing period
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